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Repeat Meds

I have a company that collect my prescriptions, fill them then deliver them to me, Anyway, the last couple of times they have really messed me about.

I came up just after 4 this afternoon for a nap, thought I would check my meds draw, and saw I had no 10mg Morphine left. I panicked and checked the rest, I only have 2 60 mgs and 4 30 mgs. I rang the company to ask if some were on its way, the fella says no they have nothing for me!!!!! I tell him whats happened and he seems to think it was because the

docs shut for some training this week, but that shouldnt matter.

I take 90 mgs twice a day and the 10mgs I have as top up.

I dont have enough to see me through the weekend, the fella said he can lend me any meds apart from a control drug!

More stress, more worry grrrrrr

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are there any emergency saturday appointments at your surgery? mine is open for flu jabs at the moment.

otherwise, if you need them, I can only suggest you ask nhs direct.

thinking of you,



If you can't get an appointment at you GP just go down there and refuse to move until someone helps you. I'd consider stopping using the firm, I have a local co-op pharmacy who collects my prescriptions and delivers the medication to me - I'd look for something like that.

Julie xx


hi dont know where you are but maybe if you have a drop in centre explain what has happened we use llyods pharmacy but since they changed my meds to liquids ive found out they dont order my liquids its a pain they used to order them all but i would say for you its time for a change of pharmacy


Hi, I used to use local pharmacy next to drs and have them deliver .. They have messed up so many times , me or more than not my OH makes the trip to collect repeat prescripts ourselves and got to other pharmacy... It's a pain cos we are both on continuous meds but we have given up relying on the ring and deliver system.

Hope you get some resolution before Monday

Hugs VG x


This happened to me a few weeks ago. I had to go to the walk in centre to get my patches as they are controlled drugs. The dr prescribed me just 1 patch to see me until my dr was in on the Monday. Good job I was we'll enough to go out!


Have you considered calling NHS 24? If you need meds they may be able to get you an out of hours appointment so you can get a script.


Have you thought about having a dossette box every week so that you dont run out. I get a dossette box for my main meds and the other meds like the pill and the pills that I take when i am on i get them when i need them. Good luck getting the medications that you need so that you dont suffer more pain than you need too. I make up a second dossette box for the vitamins, the pill and a few other things.

Please ring your GP surgery today and ask to speak to the GP and explain that the company has stuffed up and left without certain medications and you need a prescription today as you dont have enough to last the weekend if he says that you have wait you will have to go to A&E because the pain well get out of control and you wont be able to cope until Monday.



our meds are dispensed direct from the GP surgery, so all I do is email though what I need from my repeat list and a letter explaining whymif I need others but are not on regular repeat as they are not allowed to be, then two days later hubby goes and picks them up. it's taken a few years but have finally managed to get 4 weeks supply of each so save the trip to the doctors every week for each of them as some we're lasting more or less than a month,. luckily he works in the same town but if he is off work, the doctors are 7 mikes away so a pain tommake the trip unescesisarily.

I would be rather concerned if you are short on your medicins. you need to check as to whatntheybhave prescribed as to what your actually have, especiallybwithbthatbtypemof drug, you can never be too sure it's gone "walkies" if you get what I

good luck and hope you are able to get enough to see yo over the weekend xxx


that was meant to say air you get what I mean! xxx



Just a quick question, how is the pain now you are on Morphine, last time I went to the docs he said the next step for pain relief would be morphine and I must admit I'm a bit scared to go down this route. x


To be honest. It is the only thing that has ever helped. I worked my way up to morphine as nothing else even touched it. I would say if nothing else works go for it. You will start on a low dose until you find the level that's right. It does make you sleepy in the beginning but you do get used to it. My doc put me on slow release one, then giving me 10mgs to top myself up as and when for a quick boost. Good luck Hun x


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