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Fibro fog and loss of memory


Many years back I was under a therapist that was very shocked at how poor my memory is, i I have no recollection of growing up (by this i mean day to day stuff, attending school etc,) I have some memory for certain bad things that happend to me, So unless someone made an inpact on me as a child I have no clue who they are, when other wanted to request friends on FB, I had to take a look at what yr they finnished school so I could figure out who they were, well i still didn't know who they were but at least i know why they know me. So when people say do you remember when we did this, or you did that? I have abserlutly no idea what they are talking about just smile as though I do, its is such a horrid thing, especially as I cannot tell my boys what they were like growing up, as i have no recollection.Its really difficult lissening to others such as my sibblings say well you used to be like this its embarrsing. i'm sorry this is long winded but its the only way I can explain things I understand that Fibro Fog affects the Cognitive function (as does dyslexia which i also have) but does anyone know if it can cause this type of memory loss? does anyone else get affected this way?

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Hello Tess

I am posting the link below for you as we've been discussing Fibro Fog tonight in a blog - I hope this helps. We can all equate with having Fibro Fog, I know it has made a tremendous difference to me with my short term memory.

It sounds like your long term memory is affected, which I must admit I am not familiar with. It will be interesting to see if others post and say they have been affected in the same way. My long term memory is fine, but ask me anything that happened recently and I haven't a clue!

Have you considered talking over your memory worries with your GP. This might reassure you and allay any fears you may have. It might be worth trying.

Please don't worry about being long winded, I understand and I am sure we all do. You need to get some things off your chest as you are worried, that's natural. Don't be too hard on yourself, this isn't your fault. Take care, here's a hug.

Here's the link to take you to the blog -


Hi Tess. Reading what you said, could have been written by me. I can relate to all you said. I remember bad things that happened, but a lot of when my kids were little and growing up etc, is a blurr,which is upsetting, as you said. Do you remember the end credits to Star Wars?As they rolled on, they got smaller and smaller into a pyramid shape and disappeared off the top of the screen. Thats what my memory does,but real quick. I cant tell you what someone said a few minutes ago, but I can still remember an old friends' phone number from the 70s. Some things get stuck in my memory when the things Id want to remember have faded away. Memory is such a weird thing. Ive always said I want to be hypnotised and go into regression to see if those memories are still there buried deep somewhere. But at least we know its the Fibro and not anything else (hopefully!!).This illness can be so cruel, but because its mostly inside us and we look "normal", people havent got a clue. Im also dyslexic,btw, which doesnt help. I think I may be more dyspracsic than dyslexic tho. I have more difficulty with co-ordination and understanding instructions etc than with reading, writing and spelling.I read very slowly tho coz words jump around and my brain picks out words from different lines, put them together in my head and they make absolute rubbish, so I have to go back and read it even slower, word for word. But I have to keep a sense of humour about all this or it would destroy me completely. There is some strange comfort in knowing we're not crackers!! Just "wired wrong". x

Hi,I can relate to your descriptions as i have the same problems i can't recall what i want to remember and can't forget things that i wish i could.This was driving me crazy and i honestly thought i was going mad or had senile dementure so another trip to the docs who asked silly questions like how old i am where do i live ect which i can answer so they blame stress yet they gave me a list of 5 things to remember at start of conversation that one would buy in a shop i only managed to remember two and count backwards from 100 i could'nt do it nor could i remember the presidents name so did'nt do very well overall advice was write lists which i do but then forget to either take them with me or where i put them.I continually get the photograph albums out places i have been ,my children at various stages of childhood and most i can't recall but when questioned by my kids i pretend only to be caught out as they know more than me it's very disturbing for everyone.I just cannot seem to fill in blanks yet i recall my first day at school? but struggle to recall my first child day at school.The more i try to remember the bigger the gap becomes i think yes it's partly the stress of forgetting and forcing myself to remember so i don't try anymore.Most people find it hard to relate to theses problems if unaffected themselves so it may be wise to keep tabs on your daily life by keeping a dairy especially for big events ie weddings ,21st birthdays ,childbirth ,holidays ect so you can refer back when you wish to ,i find it helps so that's my advice to you,Good luck x

hello tess, i have exactly the same symtoms i can't remember anything, lol i need to see someone about this but what do i say i can only remember the bad things in my life. hope you feel not alone now love juliemaria

Wow this could be me also . Even when people remind me and explain places .... Nothing .. I find it very scary that my brain must have an empty hole in there .. I too have little memory of my children as babies and as they grew up . I look at photos to remind me still nothing .... Is it fibro related ?

Thankyou all so so much for your responces, this as you can imagine has caused me many a sleepless night, over the last couple of years its been more constant on my mind, it is actually really soothing (if that makes sense) to hear other that have this same issue, LibertyZ I think your right that its to do with the long term memory, I do think I will address it with my doc, especially as I do realise its not just me, thankyou all once again and I'll keep you posted once I've seen my doc. smiles and hugs xx

Pakslady in reply to tess10

Hi Tess, I have to be honest before reading here I hadn't heard of ppl suffering long term memory loss due to Fibromialgia. I always just assumed I had an awful memory as I seem to remember less from my past than most ppl. I do actually find my short term memory suffers the most as I often can't remember things from just minutes earlier. The brain fog that comes with fibro can make it really hard to think straight at all tho so I just put it down to my condition.

I do hope your doc can help you tho :)

tess10 in reply to Pakslady

Hi Pakslady, I think thats the beauty of this community, we can actually ask daring questions that we worry if we told family and friends they would just look at us strange or just dismiss, yet there is something comforting and relieaving about writing it down and putting it out there, with in the safetyof our fibro family, and when you find others have felt the same, or experianced the same the relief that your not going mad is so great. In doing this we can find out if it is to do with our fibro or maybe be encouraged to take a trip to the GP just to be on the safe side, so I will continue this way as I feel we all benefit, smiles and hugs xx

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