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down !!

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Hi all just feeling a lonely at the moment and really down, had 1 hours sleep last night just coudnt settle, dont no why iam even writing this dont want to depress peeps even further, i seem to have 1 good day then ill for about 4 days and really getting sick of it , ive cried nearly all day as there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel,partner works away , daughters left home and have a son at home who is 17 and he really gets me down with his attitude. So sorry for writing this just had to get something out of my system xx

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Hi sorry your feeling so down,i too am not too good today,i'm sick of my daily migraines lately,it's weird isn't it one day you feel fine the next i feel as if i have been hit by a truck:( i had a letter for a work capability assessment today,right now i feel awful and thinking how am i going to go and work feeling like this,take care,sending you hugs and love,xxx


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hey never be sorry to share you worst moments firstly we are all here to help and support you and secondly when i read posts like yours i know that it is normal for me to get so down and that helps me cope when it happens. you are exhausted and sore and lonely and it is magnifying the way you feel try to do do something you like watch something you love or just give yourself a treat. lean on us and not in you until you feel ready to walk life alone again soft butterfly hugs petal

Hi paula,sorry to hear you feel so down.but never apologies on here,it`s what it`s all for ,the good and the bad times.

Just writing it down and putting it out there can pick you up a bit.

I don`t suppose you partner working away helps,and 17yr old kids well,they are almost a different speciese aren`t they.

Hope you can get some sleep hun,as they say tomorrow is another day.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx

Thank you to both of you

I too have had a letter off tribunal , and its getting to the stage where i carnt even be bothered to wright a simple letter so i can get ESA , i see people walking around with cans of lager in there hands and food down there tops and telling me they are going for there meeting and then tell me they have passed arrrggg that really makes me angry as theres a few in my street and its just put on and they tell people this and get away with it. This will be my 3rd time of appealing but i wont give up as iam a genuine case , god iam still ranting on xx

Just accepted you on facebook hun,so we can speak anytime now.

Love Jaynexxx

thank you x

Hi Butterfly54

no i love my partner working away it means i have less to do, but my son omg 17 and knows everything if he carnt get his own way he is terrible and really stresses me out thats 1 of the reasons i cried this morning, but i spoilt him to bit s when he was younger and now iam paying for it, he just have no respect for me at all. My daughter on the other hand has loads of respect for me, see iam still ranting on but like you say it does help thanks all xx

Very easy to say, but try to hold on to the fact that these feelings will pass. Also believe you should not feel the need to apologise for saying how you feel. You sound so very sad, and will not help you to sit on it. Very much hope you can get decent night sleep and feel better tomorrow. Wish you the very best.

Hi Paula

Sorry you are feeling so bad I understand how you feel. I am on my own with my son who also is 17 and I know what you mean about attitude although he is not a bad lad just in need of a job or college course. I too have spent alot of this week crying there just doesnt seem any chance of things getting better. I have osteo athritis as well which the doctor said will just get worse. i am only 57 but feel 90! Sorry to moan at you

Take care Sue xx

hello, omg, thats what i say to everyone, im 58 and i feel like 90, so im the same, its just so bad is,nt it, when you feel like you,ve bee hit by a truck, and no-one understands, while, if you had really been hit by a truck they would be running around in circles trying to help, sorry to moan, just like you said, feel so old right now.

my mental heath was horrid on monday both my grown up children are at home at the moment which zaps my strength, course you can moan it is a good release.

it is so hard to get to grips with one good day four bad i am still trying to take it on board.

hug soft hugs xxx


Hi getactive

i too have osteo arthritis in my back and bulging discs in my back which does add to the pain and iam only 44 but feel much older xx

soft hugs topenny and getactive x

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Hey its ok this is what this site is for putting down inwords exactly how we feel about things at a particular moment in our lives we cant always be writing everything is fine/i am happy woo woo as that is not true so if you are feeling down you say and we are all here to listen and try to help you . We all ahve days where we just cant seem to get out of it and feel so miserable and even though we know there is someone so much worse off we still cant get out of it , you take care love diddle xxxx

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paula1967 in reply to Hidden

Thank You so much xx

Hi guys..

I can so relate to paula, i done a pile of housework on

Mon and spent all day yesterday in bed exhausted, with the

usual aches. I feel crap tbh and it doesn't help with a 19 yr old

son with A.D.D. who thinks i'm at his beck n call!! I suffer with pancreatitis

, chronic back pain, I.B.S and asthma. I swear there is not one

day i get a break from one or the other and it is seriously wearing

me down, i get so emotional and suffer pity parties regularly ( btw u are

all invited to my nxt one lol) i try so hard to be positive but some

days i just can't make it!

Paula was telling us about the sweats she suffers, i am exactly

the same, the least exertion and i'm soaked, my hair goes frizzy and

wet, make up won't stay on my face.

My family have organised a big 50th party for me nxt week...can u imagine

the state of me ????

Right enough moaning! I hope everyone has a good day, if not

I'm sending hugs and thoughts your way......

Love jillybee xxxxx

Hi Jillybee

Thanks to your reply Jillybee, there is so many people like us its unbelievable , i really didnt know anything about fibro till i joined this site 2 weeks ago and like i said to my sister this morning now i know my symptoms are not in my head. The bloody sweats running down my face just writing this arrgggg.

Gentle hugs Paula x

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