Hi everyone,

I am so touched to read the support you have given to highrost in regard to her question, you are all so great, the words is just so comforting, I wish all the partners, as well as healthcare professional, people in DWP, AUTHORITY understand, how we really feel how we are struggling each minute, each movement, each inch of our nerve, our bone, the problem is not every body though know how pain full we feel each day, hence all of us have a duty of care to increase the level of awareness to them.

I just wondering, if you all don' t mind if I may print your response please, as I am going to set up my own massage therapist with some friends of mine who specialist in FM, but we only wanting to cater for Fibromyalgia/Arthritis patient, we would like to get our MP and the Local Chambers of Commerce to funding half of it, because we would like these patient to pay 50% rather than the full amount. Once this system is successful, We then might ask the NHS to include this as part of the management treatment of FM.

Your support is appreciated.

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  • I don't mind mine being used if it helps! I made a post just yesterday about the high cost of the massages I "need" to help me through. Good luck! x

  • thank you Enquine Archer,

    Highly appreciated, I promise you, this is only for a good reason, i only doing this to raise awareness so that all of us can benefit it, I think that people should understand how painful and very demoralizing it can be as a FM sufferer that is my objective, I feel it is very significant to have a compelling activity rather than complaining and do nothing about it, this is only for people who also like us, do not know where to go. They are not alone. Thank you so much enquine Archer, I will update you with the result.

  • I did not respond to Highrost but afraid I would object very strongly to anything I wrote being used for any other reason than being read by members on the web site.

  • So would I.

  • Hi I just checked and I had a major rant yesterday :( if you want to use it go ahead :) please excuse the lack of punctuation ,I can't get the words out quick enough I wish my body worked the way my head wants it to ,good luck shadow x

  • I dont mind if its goingto help. Good luck with your venture x

  • Dear Digger 1,

    Thank you for your response, believe me, I am preparing it - properly it would be for 2015, but the more information I get the better - I also will liaise with our locals FM groups in our boroughs, I have got lots of support from them, so that going so good so far.

  • I'm highroost and have been overwhelmed by the responses I've had, having only just joined up. I'm willing to share all my experiences with anyone who needs them or finds them helpful!

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