We all need to give our wonderful member christine Els all our love and support as she is such a lovely person and we all need to support her and be there for her as she is always here for all of us and helps everyone and i for one think the world of her , this forum would not be the same without her and quite few other members so we all need to be there for each other love to you all diddle x

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  • totally agree diddle lots ohugs to chris and you xxx



  • I agree diddle. Christine has always given

    Me such lovely support as has many others:

    It's nice we are all here for each other.

    I wish her and each one of you a relatively

    Painfree/ stressfree week.

    Lots of luv n hugs kia xx

  • totally agree, always a friendly word, and good advise, you all love Christine

  • Well said diddle,right on the button as usual.We all need you Christine and you know it works the other way round.

    Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxx

  • Christine.is a very very special lady. Butterfly hugs. Petal

  • sending lots of hugs and love to chris too as yes she is always there for support and love xxx

  • hugss xx

  • Thank you and soft hugs


  • hugs xxxx

  • well said Diddle, sending lots of love to Christine and everyone else xx

  • Yea, thankyou Christine El. Being able to help others when you are suffering yourself is a gift which you give often. We are here for you too anytime you need a digital ear!

    Whippet x

  • yes she has a lot to give and makes you feel very welcome, lots of love

  • (((((hugs))))) for all x

  • Awwww so lovely diddle yes huggly wugglys christine xxxxxxx

  • To Christine and Everyone,

    Take care of you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • lots of love Christine Els-time to take care of you.love julie51 :) xxxx

  • Your so welcome and all i have done ids tell the truth and alot of people seem to agree so cant be wrong lol you are highly thought of and a very kind/caring person who says it as it is BUT in the right way love to you Diddle xxxxxxxxxx

  • HI chris i've just logged on and read what diddle said and everyone else all i can do is agree with all the comments. Althouge i've not been on for long and dont know everyone very well It is like one big happy family helping each other out and you have helped me as have others. A big thank you and soft hugs to you and hope everything goes alright for you. xxx

  • I saw the header of this thread and logged in straightaway. Sending you hugs Christine as you've struggled on with your difficult week. Hope that the complaint gets resolved for you without any further distress. You do so much for others, no wonder things get you down at times.

    Bless Diddle for sending up a flare as she did. She's right. Communal support is so important and paying it forward really is the word to live by.

    Hugs to everyone xx

  • hugs to you xxxxxand diddlexxxxx

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