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Hi every one, I don't write that often, but I always read every one post, I know how hard it is suffering from FM and of course anything else that come with it..however..I do believe , Edited By Admin so in my opinion, if we wake up each day, look in the mirror and say to our self (even though i fully understand how hard it is!!!) we are healthy..I am going to be OK today..I can walk..another 10 minutes..i will have a fantastic day...I am going to loose another 1 lb, ....think what ever the thought you have in your mind become thing...(first thing in the morning i FEEL LIKE my body having a flu...) Edited By Admin...and I look in the mirror..I say..I feel great..I am healthy...I am going to have fantastic day...I will have a lovely walk..even though it is hard..I force my self..about 18 months ago i can't even walked/ I am..from walking 3 steps..WITH 2 CRUTCHES..I am going outside each day for 25 takes hard work..but goal 2017 I will have my quality of life back..and I will go back to work like I used to be..enjoying my career again..travelling all the world that I can provide a good life for my family most of all, appreciate what being normal and healthy is like. They said that FM can't be my opinion..sickness..Edited By Admin GOOD LUCK

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Fybro can be cured? Maybe one day, good luck 😃 A positive attitude is always the best.

Live the day

Hi my friend, I think you have a wonderful and courageous attitude to your Fibro and to life, and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi B2wc....i agree. I decided to stop noticing the pain, accepting it, and being thankful that i can manage to get out of bed and move. I consider that a great day nowadays. If i can go for a walk, even better. I use to walk 3 1/2 miles a day. Cant do that anymore. I am aching bad after 2 miles. I do what i can, and try to stay positive!

Have a great week!

B2WC in reply to Natura

Good Natura, the important thing is always think positive, do not do to long as you stretch your muscle each day..that is the most important bit..and yes, accepting our condition is also make us less stress..the less stress we feel ..the better we feel...xx

It kept me going for years!!! Still helps some.

B2WC in reply to Regnofibro1


B2WC and all.

I like reading some interesting ideas on this Health unlocked site.

Great post I maybe we should all look in our mirrors and give our selves a talking to

some days. Just moving can be a challenge to some of us to get to the mirror!

Laughing aside any positive steps anyone can take to alleviate our pain and isolation with this horrid condition is alright with me.

Keep on with the positive vibes.

Skit..I know how you feel, I keep mirror with me (ONLY SMALL ONE)..but at least that keep encourage me..believe health care professional team and ATOS were shocked when they saw me now and 18 months ago..gps and physiotherapists used to visited me as I was not able to walk..I was in constant pain..even being touched I will scream..what I feel now..I feel pain each day..however.being positive and keep going step by step have encourage myself to what I am now...hence I would like to share this good news to every one who have a like wise condition, not only FM but I have another very rare condition called ''chiari malformation'' which is also a very -very hard- but I am not letting this two condition beating me..because GOD have giving us our body to fight against it and facility to heal..I have proved it from 18 months ago..I AM getting better each day..I will be normal each..I USED to take 8 tablets I do not take any now..some time I take paracetamol..but I keep taking magnesium oil and supplements and eating healthier food..but every one is different..I just try to encourage every body..hopefully they would like to try to ''THINK POSITIVE'' even though it is Very hard.

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