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the tiredness that rules your life

hi i have suffered with fm for 10years 3 of those years i just thought it was because of running around after the children and a bad mattress was why i felt like i had been kicked round a rugby pitch every morning lol . since being diagnosed i have tended to dismiss the fact that i have fm. this may be because i dont want it and the fact that my family dont understand it ;-( .

i have learned to live with the pain althugh it does make me feel like an old women at times and i am not yet. the symptom that gets to me the most is the extreme tiredness the days when i feel exhausted from the moment i wake up. every day i wake up feeling tired only on some days it is like i havent slept for days and i become disfunctional . i am studying a degree in mental health nursing and this is full time and full on. i have not told the uni about my fm i dont see the point as many off have pointed out noone understands fm and it would be easy to be classed as lazy grrrrr. i have noticed lately that my moods are varing and i can become very down not depressed just feel sad.

thanks for taking the time to read my blog and i look forward to making new friends who have the same understanding of fm and the respect of the effect of fm xx

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How true, its the tiredness that gets me, the pain you learn to live with eventually.


Hello, Im new to this site.

I completely understand, only 10 mins or so ago I said to my hubby i feel like no one 'gets' my pain and tiredness, and the fibrofog drives me nuts.

Hope you're not having too bad a day today ((hugs))

Claire xx


Don't know how you can hold down a job or study...I couldn't manage.

It's only recently (past year) that I will make plans as I would be anxious of letting people down by not being able to attend whatever it was.

A divorce and a new understanding partner has helped tremendously. ;-)

Not a cure though :-)

Be kind to yourself xx


I always found the fatigue and fog the hardest things to deal with, despite the pain being severe!

Are on any treatments or doing anything yourself to manage symptoms?

Your uni do not need to understand Fibro to help you. They just need to know that you have a properly diagnosed condition that effects you in certain ways. It might be could to consider talking to them in case you end up needing more time to complete assignments because of flares, or if you need help in some way to complete your education.


thank you for all your responses ;-) in reply to some of you

divorce yes i did that one and am on my own with the children my choice lol less stress without a man lol .

a few of you mention the fog is that the days where your brain dont wrk and your memory forgot it was there lol . i get that terrably .

i have cut out most caffine ( except the one i treat myself to the hazlenut latte).

i have tried to stop smoking and i must be honest wen i cut down i do notice the benifits it brings.

how do i do every thing i do you asked lol i dont know i just muddle. i am a very determined and driven person i dont give into illness if i can help it, im sure most of you are the same only sometimes it just beats us.

today i have unberlievable tiredness and just crave my bed or a pj day ;-). the over whelming tiredness used to come about once to twice a month only just recently it is becoming more often grrrrr. i no i have not mentioned much about the pain and the constant headaches only as one of you said its true we learn to live with the pai and pain killers help loads as does a hot bath;-) .

wishing you all a lovely evening im suppose to be off to salsa which i have just start and love only guess what ! mmmmmm the tiredness is beating me at m and all i want is me Bed ;-( x


I was dismissed for several years by my GPs who pointed out that as a single mother of three small children of course I would be tired. Eventually they realised that this was beyond a bit tired and started testing. Then decided it was Fibro after trying tender points and then, that was it, just a diagnosis, nothing further to be done that they can think of.

In your case based on my past experience with universities as a student and as staff. If you stub your toe you should submit a Drs note to your study supervisor. Having your condition on record can mean the difference between two grades or being allowed to repeat modules if you get a borderline mark.


hi lez

thank you for that i will talk to my tutor and see how it will affect me ;-)

i was only diagnosed when i had to see a ruematolagist consultant for another reason and he suspected there was more wrong he diagnosed mf and hypermobility ;-(.

every time i go to my gp because i am so tired they do all the physical tests ie thyroid ect which i no they have to rule out. and ten when as per they come back normal say its the fm and look at me blank perhaps i now need to say i need help lol

thanks again

x e x


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