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Hi everyone hope that you are all keeping reasonably well, although that rain thing has started again, oh yes, but we are more than used to how it is. I must say it does make you feel much happier when we see the sun shining. I was all set to re-modernise the garden this year, only started it then hey, surprise, cannot seem to get the right day to get out there, in between other personal matters to deal with.

My mum has been in hospital now for 4 wks, with a really bad skin condition, which she has had for 7 years now. She too has flare ups and each time it gets worse, then has to be hospitalised, with so many tests an antibiotic drips and tropical creams applied thru the day. Bless her she does so well to cope with it, and puts on a brave face even though she is so worn out and depressed. She has so much pain all over, and no one can hold her or physically help much, for it hurts too much. I have come down to the conclusion that she may well have FM, especially as it is a genetic thing. Could I please ask all those of you that pray, say a few for my mum. I cannot stand to see her suffering so much, and she was always so fit until she gave up working.

As you must know, that any stress tells on the FM in a big way, but not always easy when you are directly having to cope with this. I would do anything for my mum, she is an unselfish, caring person. She always worries whether I am alright, and not about herself. She understands me so well and knows how difficult it is for me to drive 40 mins each way to see her.

Ah what a relief to get that off my chest, it so helps. I would like to add, that I have managed also with the Fibro friends I have made at the Conference in April and with the support group I run in Carshalton. Bless you all for listening and take good care.

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  • Ps. sorry forgetting to say that I have organised an Awareness stand and table top sale for FM tomorrow night in my church, which is holding a Women's Business & Hobbies Market at St Paul's Church in Northey Avenue, Cheam, SM2 7HS. 7.30pm to 10pm. This will be my first official awareness event, but accompanied some friends before. I is such a rewarding thing to do and gave me a lease of energy I did not know I had. I am raising the funds to go to FMA UK, but hope I manage to reach out to some people there. Bless u.

  • Your Mum is in my thoughts, and she is fortunate to have such a caring daughter.

    good luck with your sale :)


  • give your mum my love, I wish I could make it tomorrow but im away at college this weekend. I would love to come to the next one you do. I haven't seen anything in my area in Wandsworth xx

  • What a wonderful lady your Mum must be and lucky to have such a caring daughter. I send you both love and cheerfulness to cope with life. Give her our love wont you xgins

  • Hope things look up for you and your dear mum - it's good that you care about each other. :)

    Moffy x

  • Bless you and your mum. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs Saskia XX

  • Sending healing thoughts to both of youx

  • love and prayers to both you and your mum Lia144 xxx

  • Thoughts and prayers for you both. Good luck for your event, or if you get this after, hope it was a success.


  • Hiya all and sorry did not get to you sooner, bit crazy out there as you know already. Thank u all soooo much for your prayers, very much appreciated. Thank God,

    mum now showing some improvement, after getting infection after infection, and continuous antibiotic drips. Nearly holding up best I can, and decided to up my B12 injections to fortnightly again. Awareness day went out ok, an enjoyed it, most people wanted to hear about it and some people took info I had or knew someone who had FM, possible 2 new recruits for my support group. I intend to do another awareness day at St. Helier hospital very soon, so will fill you in sooner. You all look after yourselves till we speak again. God bless!!! xxx

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