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hi my name is Babz , I am convinced that i have FMS but but doctor refuses to even acknowledge it , I have osteoporosis which she (doc) prescribed co-codamol 30/500 and Naproxen . at my last appointment I told her how fatigued I was and that I had pain all over my body , tingling in my fingers and stabbing like pain in my arms and legs , she took some bloods and ALL came back within normal functions ( as I suspected they would) but my blood pressure was raised , my response to that was wouldn't your blood pressure be raised if you were in pain constantly!. She took me off co-codamol saying it was that what was making me fatigued so now I'm on over the counter pain killers which don't go anywhere near touching the pain. How do i approach my doctor again ? can I ask to be sent to a pain clinic? can I ask to be sent for a tender points test ? PLEASE HELP ME x

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  • Hi babs my name is Ros welcome to the site it sounds like it I would get a 2nd opion I was diagnosed with fms since September last year have you thought about changing docs cos it sounds like she doesn't believe you I believe you as I no pain to well I hope you will get all the support you need. ((( gentle hugs)))

  • thank you Ros :) I have an appointment next week (19th) I will ask her about being tested or a second opinion but she is the head doc in the practise ! if i still come up blank then i may need to change doctors , I'm finding it hard to cope at work but without a diagnosis there isnt much i can do

  • I had a junior doctor and my own doctor who did tests plus they were getting me to the things I couldn't do without pain being the cause so really I'm lucky in away to have a doctor who knows and understands fibromyalgia he's put me different pain killers, If you don't get anywhere with her it be wise to change docs hun

  • Before I was diagnosed, I spent fruitless months visiting the local hospital rheumatologist consultant, who literally said he couldn't find anything wrong and he didn't need to spend money on tests I was clearly faking it. I disagreed, got my GP to refer me to a different hospital and within 2 appointments had the Fibro diagnosis alongside hyper-mobility.

    I believe it's really important to make a stand and insist on other opinions/meds/whatever the need, sadly us fibromites are used to having to fight our way to treatment.

  • thank you x you have restored my faith x I will be strong and stand up for what I belive , i have two sisters and a niece already diagnosed with fibro and a sister with myeloma (bone cancer in the spine ) both mum and dad had osteoporosis and suspect looking back mum had fibro too

  • Hello babzy, I was diagnosed with /Osteo/Rhumatoid arthritis 31yrs ago then not long after was seen at home by a Rhumatologist as I had got so bad that I could'nt walk at all. My GP sent for him and it was a shock that he came to see me, he told me straight away what was wrong and that he was sending me to the hospital and to wait for the ambulance. He said I had FMS/ME and that there was no cure but he would get me walking again and start a new regime of medication/injections/gentle pysio. What I wanted to say is to try to get your GP to send you to see a Rhumatologist as over time, since I was diagnosed 30yrs ago there is a lot more information about this evil condition and the experts have learned a lot since then. I send you lots of feather hugs, and good luck wishes.xx Pat

  • Hiya again, I forgot to say that I am also a Newbie to this site, I have been reading lots of posts and finally I thought I'd let you know that I was strugginlg to get diagnosed especially when all test come back NEGATIVE, I hope your dr sends you to see a Rhuematologist, if not change your DR. Good Luck. Patx

  • thank you soo much Pat for the lovely welcome , and welcome to you too i will definitely be asking to see a rhuematologist , even though mine is osteo not rheumatoid arthritis (should it make a difference ) my last lot of xrays said i had quite bad deterioration on my knees and right hip , they didnt xray my shoulders even though they kill me

  • Your welcome, it shouldn't make a difference as they are both types of bone desease's, but you'll need to see a Rhuematologist to confirm your Fibromyalgia though, hope that helps. Look at the time and I'm still wide awake as per normal, lol I'll still be sat here at 4or 5am I usually hear Mr and Mrs Blackbird about that time singing their little heads off.Ahhh x

  • Hi babzy

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I want to welcome you to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it as much use as I do?

    I am so sorry to read that you are not having any luck in getting a real diagnosis from your GP, I am sure you would welcome a diagnosis either way? And I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. As the others have already written, it would be advantageous to either consult a different GP at your surgery or find a new surgery in your area?

    I have pasted a link below to our mother site, FibroAction, and I really hope that you find this useful, as it contains a great deal of information relating to Fibro:


    I have also pasted you link to the NHS Choices webpage for Fibro symptoms, as maybe this will give you some more insight into the issue.


    I want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I look forward to bumping into you around the site.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • hi babz, I was going back and fore to my gp and rheumatologist for nearly two years before they decided that I had fibro,they kept putting it down to my arthritis but you know your own body.i just kept going back nearly every week until they eventually put two and two together and diagnosed me with fibro. I know its hard when you haven't got the energy,but be persistent ! good luck kim xx

  • Hi there and welcome,

    i have not be a memeber long abut check everyday to see what is going on. i have not been diagnosed yet but i am waiting for appointment to see rheumatlogist. i have been back and forward to my GP for years now and the have sent me to see specialist in many fields, i have had many x rays MRI scan yet they show nothing. i am now seeing a different doctor at the practise and she i fab. she has done blood work up and everything came back normal, she sent me to see orthopedics and had MRI scan nothing showed up i even mentioned fibro to him and he just shrugged his shoulders and discharged me from hosiptal care and sent me back to see gp. thankfully she is a modernup to date gp and has her finger on the pulse and as every test comes back negative we have discussed chances of it being fibro so of to see rheumatology. keep fighting and see another gp and out your fears and concerns to them and ask for a referal dont wait for it to be offered, youknow your body better than anyone.


  • Sweetheart, please go to another doctor. Sometimes doctors don't believe what they can't see. I have had this happen on many occasions, for a number of medical issues. If your doctor won't listen change doctor's or see if you can get into a pain clinic!!! I know it saved me, making life more bearable!!! Hope this helps, xxxx Mitzi

  • You're story is same as mine I'm new here, doc told me after months I have fm put me on codeine and naproxen and now I feel I'm left to it, I have been so sore and the fatigue is terrible if I wasn't in so much pain I could curl up and sleep for a week. I have suffered the fatigue since pre Xmas it's def not the tablets . I hope all goes well for you.

  • Thank you everyone for the lovely welcome and concern im back at the doctors next week and will definitely be asking to be referred to a pain clinic or a / and rheumy and if that doesn't work i will find a new doctor x Ken Thank you for the links x more bed time reading x

  • Hi Babz. You should insist on seeing a rheumatologist who will know about Fibromyalgia. The symptoms you describe could possibly be Lyme Disease, if you have walked in a forest or walked in undergrowth where you could have been bitten by a tick. Most doctors in England do not routinely test for this and the test is probably more specific than general tests looking for infection. I only mention this because I had this over twenty years ago and it is what led me to have Fybromyalgia. Not wanting to scare you but something is not right and you need to find out what it is. LD is treatable with antibiotics but again, a rheumatologist will know more about this than a GP. I hope you will get some help. Sharon.

  • Thanks Sharon x I can't get to see my doctor till the 2nd June as she is on holiday this week and is fully booked next week ! But when I do go to śee her I will be adamant that I want a referral . I've had xrays to determine I've got osteoporosis my right knee is quite badly detertriated as is my right hip , all I get told is to lose weight . Which quite rightly would take some pressure of my kneebut what about the fact I'm n aching from head to toe ? I've had some good news today my blood pressure has come down considerably since taking rampril so that's one less thing to worry about x once again thank you for the kind words of support x

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