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Sore outside thighs and back of ankles

Good morning everyone I'm fairly new to here I've got osteoarthritis osteopenia and awaiting knee replacement thru accident when I was 29 I'm now 49 and in loads of pain all joints continually I'm on morphine patches co codamol codeine and I take mitazapine at night I want to ask if anyone suffer from really sore skin I'm sore on the tops of my thighs on the outside where even my pjs hurt them and when I read in bed my ankles get so sore too I don't know if maybe I might have fibromyalgia or not I won't be able to tell the difference coz I'm always in pain with oa but I've got a lot of other symptons now I've lost my apatite can't sleep keep dropping things sore skin loud noise drive me mad my doctor is very good she's now working with me to find a right medication she sent me for bloods but she asked to see me again about results made app for 24th she also going to send me to pain group if she can't help me sorry for rambling gentle hugs to you all I appreciate your replays thank you x

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Morning and welcome to our group, it sounds as if you may have fibro on top of every thing else - bad luck- I understand about sore patches /area of skin my thighs and calves are being silly as we speak. The pain clinic sounds a brilliant idea good luck with that.

If you want to research a little more about Fibro click on the butterfly in the box atop the lead page it will take you through to there are many useful articles and people who can help.

This site is fantastic full of great people who all suffer with fibro and will chat with you about things they have experienced. Just remember we talk from experience and cannot replace your Doctor in things like diagnoses.

Best of luck looking forward to reading your posts.



Thank you gins I love this site it's very comforting to know I'm not the only one in pain and it's very helpful to a lot of people keep up the good work x


Good morning! It certainly does sound like you have fibro type symptoms.Has your g.p not referred you to the rheumatologist yet? They would probably be your best bet to get a diagnosis.Personally I've never had sore skin with the fibro just itchy skin occasionally though.This site is so lovely and Iam sure you will make many friends on here.We do try to support one another and have a bit of a laugh as well,I find that this helps me greatly to cope with the pain and other symptoms xxx


So much going on for you to cope with heaIthwise at the moment. I would, from personal experience, recommend attending a pain management group. Lots of useful information and effective techniques to help manage the pain. I was only referred there last year, despite having had fibro for 20 years (only officially diagnosed about 12 years ago). Wonderful what a change of Consultant can do when you collapse in A & E!

I was already familiar (through trial and error over the years) with some of the stuff they covered but found the whole process of attending and meeting others with chronic pain conditions a positive experience. I definitely experienced a mental shift and I feel more in control of my health, although I can't say my symptoms and level of pain have changed much - just my attitude.

You're trapped in a viscious circle at the moment because the more sleep deprived you are the less able you are to tolerate the pain. Glad you've got a sympathetic GP on board and hope that together you find a way forward to better manage your health so you can get more enjoyment from life.


Hi there

As gins and haribo36 have already said your symptoms do sound fibro. I hope that I am wrong and that you can sort out the problems as soon as possible. Please take care.

Ken x


Thank you all for replying to me I appreciate it very much will mention it to my doctor next week x


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