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Is it possible to have pain in both the muscles and bones at the same time?

I have just come back from my doctor - i went as my pain levels just keep increasing and my employer wanted me to get checked out as they are saying that i am becoming forgetful and they are worried as this is not like me?

My doctor was asking where my pain was and i was saying that i have pain from my lower back right to the tips of my toes. She asked if this was muscular pain or pain in my bones and when i said both she told me this was impossible. Does anyone else get this or am i going mad? I am currently taking Co-codamol, naproxen and Tramadol but they dont seem to be giving me any type of relief at all.

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Simple answer is yes.I have arthritis and Fms.My Gp knows this and I can tell her where & what hurts



I have had every test going. I have fibromyalgia and i may not have been diagnosed with CFS although the rheumatologist did tell my employers i would have a lot of trouble with the fatigue more, I know i have it as the fatigue is overpowering.

Also i have not got arthritis showing as far as i know on x rays yet my hip score is low, my hips, knees and hand bones are extremely painful and can have me in tears.

You know what pain you feel and just because tests show it isnt there or the mnedical profession disagree with you dont think you are mad or imagining the pain- you arent.

I hope you get some relief soon.

Gentle hugs xx


yes i do its not your bones hurting it just feels like it . its the fibrous tissue round your bones . Thats what my doc told me xxx


My doctor told me this too, it does feel like the bones are hurting though.x


hi i have often woundered the same thing but it just sounded silly when i say to anyone (non sufferer of fibro) my bones fell bruised or maybe i was imagening it. finding this site has help me no end as different symptons have arisen woundered wether they were to do with FM & CFS or not, but now realise after reading what others suffer from i am not loosing the plot or going mad. thanks to you all. sorry about spelling not my strong point. soft hugs xxx


Yes, I've had pain feeling as if it is radiating from my very bones. Also muscular.

How can your GP say impossible it is undermining your experience. Any other ones available?


Absolutely. Fibro is a central processing disorder, which is why the medicos can't find damage where we say we're hurting. So you can feel pain in muscles, bones, ligaments, even your hair or nails, without having an actively damaging disease process going on.


I too get pain in both the joints and muscle tissue inbetween. That is why for years I was diognosed with RA, until all ther xrays and bloods came back as NAD. It was only last year that the name changed to FM. As an answer further down suggests, it probably isn't actually in the joint but the surrounding tissue. However, it sure feels like the joint. Can't even carry my handbag in my hand as my elbow joints are so painful, also all joints very stiff after being in one position for even a short time. Wears off onces the joint is mobalised.i.e. can hardly stand if I have been sitting at a low table at school or at my computer as my back and hips feel locked. few minutes of walking round and the stiffness goes. Pain a constant reminder however!! Sue.


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