Anybody else suffered with pain down left side?

Lately my left shoulder, arm, hand(s), leg and foot have been hurting again! The pain has been very bad and getting worse and have getting another injection in my shoulder tomorrow, but now wondering if i should ask for one in my leg as well? Took my meds this morning(naproxen, laprasol, fluexetin and co codamol) and been half asleep all morning so drowsy. Can't win pain or drowsy, both make me useless!!

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  • Hi

    My pain is always on my left side, some times on

    The right but it is never

    As painful on the right

    And if it is in the right I

    Still have the pain on the left

  • Hi, I'm a mainly lefty sufferer too (possibly caused by chronic sciatica) and sometimes a right but at the mo i'm still waiting for a diagnosis of any kind.... but I have areas of numbness that hurt when the numbness leaves?... As for meds I am currently on tramadol, cocodamol, calcichew, vit D, amitriptyline & thyroxine. GP said at last appt she was considering trying me on gabapentin?



  • My pain is always worst on the left x

  • My left leg is killing me with pain at the moment but I put it down to the varicose vein that I have on that leg but maybe it is a combo?

  • Thank you all it nice to know I'm not alone x feel better in myself somebody out there understands x


  • My pain, and general problems, affect mainly my RIGHT side, which I've always thought was because the cancer I had affected my right breast, arm, side of body & neck. Although I do get extensive pain all over it IS always worse on my right side, even down to my toe nails (ever since I lost my toenails during chemo they grew back strangely & I have to have them professionally cut and shaped as they're a big pain!!!!) So am I in the minority here? Perhaps other "right side sufferers" have posted while I've been doing this... ... ..

    One thing that may be on interest though is that I am LEFT HANDED. Are all the left sided sufferers right handed...? Probably no link there at all but just wondering!!


  • Hi that's interesting you may have made a new discovery! Wonder if the right handed people get pain on left and vice versa?! :-)

  • I am left handed and most of my pain is on my left side generally, shooting pains tend to be on the left side too. I don't think there is a rule of thumb for where our pain is specifically, it tends to vary from person to person and of course is affected by us having other conditions too.

    It would be interesting to hear from our left and right handed members to see where their predominant pain is either left or right, very thought provoking! :)

  • Hi i also get pain in my left side , i get pain in right but not as bad as the left the pain is in my shoulder, hip , leg, knee ,foot ,and ankle i cant walk normal i walk with a limp people ask me what ive done to my foot or think its my back i dont want to say it all my left side , they dont want me moaning all the time . I am right handed too xxxxxx

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