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My leg was one inch shorter than the other!

I've been in so much pain all over in my muscles but especially in my hips ,shoulders and lower back after over doing things at work, home, and in the garden over the Easter weekend. Today I went for a much needed massage and when I lay on the couch it was pointed out to me that my right leg was a whole inch shorter than my left leg. I could see it for myself. Anyway she gave me a really good session of remedial massage with stretches and the result is I'm back in alignment. I feel a bit sore after the body work but wow its made a lot of difference. I just wonder how many of you who suffer with muscle pain as part of your fibromyalgia might be suffering from being out of alignment too? I'd recommend remedial massage it has helped me a lot over the years and especially today. It was my own fault for doing too much that I ended up in so much pain again. So note to self - pace myself in future! Nwg x

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I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I use to see a chiropractor and he told me that I had a slight misalignment from the spine. he said many people had a problem of this nature and it led to most back injuries.

I couldn't get on with the massage though, too painful.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Oooooh, I could. can I have yours? Swap you some bourbons?


That sounds like a really good deal to me?



Love a good massage me! Wonderful.

You're right about the mis-alingment issue. I was diagnosed with sciatica about four years ago and had to attend physio for a number of weeks. I was at my first session that it was noted that my right leg was shorter than my left.

I was sent to a unit in the local hospital and have been provided with a couple of 'in steps' that I have to put into my footwear to 'balance' me out. I have to say that it made such a difference that I felt like a new person for a number of weeks.

Unfortunately, the effects of the Fibro and neuropathic problems appear to have negated the initial joy I felt but I agree, massage and re-alignment is a great thing - even for a short while.

Wishing you the very best of health


I believe its to do with the way we hold ourselves not in the right way because of the pain. I have treatment from an osteopath and every time my pelvis is out of alignment maki g one leg shorter than the other. KEN I also find massage to painful also acupuncture.


I have 1 leg shorter than the other. I've been like that most of my life & my right leg's noticeably shorter. My right foot's smaller than my left by quite a bit.

An osteopath told me not to attempt to righten myself. He said as I'd been like it so long, my muscles etc would all be in a certain position & it would really cause a lot of pain, spasms & other issues. It seemed to make sense to me.


I have one shorter and arms too, but nowhere near that much. We're not symmetrical :)


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