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Do tender points bruise more than other areas?

When sitting down yesterday I caught the side of my thigh on the coffee table, I didn't catch it that hard, but the outer edges of my thighs (especially the upper area I caught) are one of my more tender areas, so, understandable, it hurt a lot, enough to make me swear and stop me from moving for a good couple of minutes afterwards. A large welt of a bruise appeared within about ten minutes and although I definitely bruising more easily these days, they're usually small, light bruises, not large blacky/purple masses.

I'm not worried too much about the bruise itself, but I was wondering if tender points do bruise more easily.

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Actually I think they do. I have multiple bruises and don't always know where or even when I get them. It wasn't until your post that I even thought about them being on tender points. Humm another thing to bring up to doctor! Very good question!


I always bruise when I brush up or hit something . Think it is an aging thing also .


I too seem to bruise easily, don't know if its fibro or maybe meds, another mystery to look in to x

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Just like Regnofibro I have random bruises I don't remember getting - they just appear! Don't seem to be related to tender points, then again the thought never occurred to me that they could be linked. My skin also seems to take a long time to heal generally.


I get loads of bruises but they do not tend to be on the tender points, they just seem to appear anywhere and everywhere? I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are getting lots of bruises and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I must admit if I knock my hip even lightly it looks as though I have had quite a bad fall. I have noticed in the past few years like others that there are bruises when I cannot remember actually knocking into anything and if I do they seem to come up large and dark when I know it was only a light knock. Think sometimes the meds can have alot to do with it and of course the older we get the thinner the skin so any bruises will show more easily.x


Brushing I believe is due to Meds ? Could be something else but check with doc, not a Fibro thing.


um... i'm not on any meds; i'm sensitive to side affects and resistant to pain killers, so i know its not to do with any meds. plus i have read somewhere that bruising is a fibro thing


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