Nerve decompression operation

Hi everyone, i have neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, sjogrens and osteo arthritis. I have suffered with these for the past 20 years. Three weeks ago i had a nerve decompression to release trapped nerves on both sides of the bottom of my spine. I tried not to have my hopes too high as consultant said he hoped it would help the pain in my legs but i would need further help with rest of my pain. The pain in my right leg is much worse. Its a pulling tightrope pain down the back of my leg. I had worse pain in my left leg which is still there but not as severe but i am beside myself with the pain in my right leg. I could hardly get out of bed today and feel shocking. So down. I wondered if anyone else had had this nerve decompression operation

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  • That sounds so really painful, and it must be draining you.

    I haven't had this done so cannot speak from experience, but did your consultant say anything about a recovery period.?

    I know three weeks seem a long time but you could still have bruising and inflammation around that area which may lessen as time goes on. I am guessing it is very bad sciatica which I have had and I do know how painful that is. It encompasses everything and you can't think of anything but pain.

    When is your follow up appointment as that would give a guide for how long to see some improvement. Can you contact your GP and get your pain medication made stronger temporarily?

    Many commiserations and hope you get some relief soon.


  • hi bluebell thankyou for your response. my gp suggested i phone his secretary which i did in the first week and he said it wasnt connected to the surgery which i responded as thats impossible as i didint have this pain before. So he sent me for an mri which im still waiting results. I spoke to his secretary again today. I dont go to see him until beg of december. it was november but its been changed. Its such a long waiting list for anything related to pain. Yes it is similar to sciatica. Its a constant tight pulling sensation all the way down the back of my leg with other pain thrown in and my foot tingles and feels numb. the reason i had this op was to get rid of this pain in my left leg but he said both sides needed doing. He has cut bone away from nerves on both sides

  • Please ring the secretary again and stress the pain and your urgency to see him. Ask to be put on the cancellation list as you are so desperate.

    It does seem odd that the consultant thinks the op is nothing to do with the pain you have now, especially as you say you didn't have it before. Perhaps he thinks you are criticising him and is being a bit defensive.

    Ask your GP to chase up the results of your MRI and also if you able to get stronger medication to see you through until your appointment.

  • Hiya it does sound like you are in excruciating pain. I'am so sorry. I cannot say I Know what your going through but I do have sciatica from time to Tim. You must have been gutted when they delayed your appointment. I really do hope they give you some relief soon. Take care x

  • Thankyou everyone for your support. I know there isnt anything any dr can do. All they say is to help me cope with my pain. Trouble is a lot of the time my pain is not under control

  • Hi jhowl

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that your pain eases soon for you. Have you asked your doctor for stronger pain medication? If not, it may be worth a try? Just tell them that you cannot take this pain anymore and would like something stronger it help ease it.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi jhowl yes I have had part discectomy & Decompression. I am 9 Weeks post Op. Upto 6 Weeks all leg pain had Gone. But from 6 Week after went to a Physio.

    Sciatica restarted & is constant, which even with upped Butrans etc Still Raging Pain. Been back to Consultant says need another MRI. But been over week ping ponging through the Maze. Of NHS Admin Etc.😔 Now where I live 4 Weeks minimum wait for Scan!! Can't say it's easy. After 25 years of Constant Back & Leg Pain etc!! So sorry but All Seems A Lottery. We All Would Try Anything to be Relived of Pain. Especially Neuropathic it is All Consuming. ( Trying gentle stretches & small Walks. Truly Hope things will settle for You. 3 Weeks is Very early as Everything Been pulled around Inflammation May Well be the issue at moment. Please Contact Your Dr Don't leave it. Wishing you All the Best. XXX

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