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Lymphatic Drainage has anyone had this?

My sons girlfriend does lymphatic drainage and Swedish massage

I met her for the first time yesterday lovely lady

She brought all her equipment down as we had spoken about my struggles

It was very intricate process An hour long I do not relax well it took a bit of time when she had finished I wanted to sleep .

I feel quite drained today and actually to weak to get out of bed

The pains are a bit intense today Like an all over soreness from the places she massaged which was everywhere and the regular morning stiffness and pains I have my feet which hurt a lot.

When she worked on them

The area such as ankle sole the ball and the toes were painful to touch but it was like soothing to get into the soreness my small toe on the right foot hurt so much the funny thing is I broke the left toe a few months ago and it has mirrored the pain on the right toe lying on the massage bed trying to get up after was a painful task

Overal I felt I needed this I'm just hoping it has not triggered and the drained feeling is the lymph doing its thing

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Hi Serenity61

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so poorly today, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel more like your usual self again really soon. I have never undergone this procedure myself, but I have been doing a bit of reading up on the subject.

Apparently, the aim is to encourage any extra lymph fluid to move away from any swollen area so it can drain normally. I have pasted you a link below to the Macmillan website who host a feature on this:

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

Al my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi, I had this done twice in the past. One important thing I was told was to drink lots of water after (to help flush any toxins).

I found the lymph drainage really helped to get rid of water retention I had in legs & puffiness in feet, & I did wee a LOT afterwards (sorry tmi) so there must have been something happening.

However, like you I was completely drained the next day or two and could barely move, but after that I felt great for a couple of weeks!

Unfortunately when I had the second treatment (which was a much lighter treatment and only for about 20min), it caused an enormous flare which lasted a couple of weeks and I had no positive benefits at all :0(. I've not had another lymph drainage since.

Of course we are all different and this is only my experience. I hope you feel the benefits soon and get your energy back & hope it gives you some relief of your symptoms. Xxx



I have suffered soft swelling above clavical bones since being poorly (3 years). Worries me silly.

Had loads of scans & tests purely on this... nothing. I went to a chiropractor who has alot of experience working with CFS/Me sufferers. He told me it is quite common to suffer poor lymphatic drainage. He messaged back of neck which temporarily helps. Incidentally he said drainage in that area is upwards..a.interesting as may be relevant to severe on/off head tingling.

I also suffer on/off swollen thighs, feet and fingers.

Yes, exhausted days after!

Anyone else suffer this & what diagnosis?



Hi Serenty61, I used to be a Holistic Therapist and would always give my clients a sheet of things to expect and what to do. You should avoid caffeine and alcohol for 24hrs and eat a light diet. You should drink lots of water and try to rest. Whilst the toxins are being released, we often referred to it as the 24/48hr healing crisis, where you can get things such as headaches, feeling fluey, general aches and pains and maybe tiredness. This differs with everyone, so the more you can relax and just go with the feelings, you should be feeling much better tomorrow :)

Don't forget the water and get those nasty toxins out! I hope she does a follow up treatment for you in 3/4wks.




Magenta 1

Thank you for your imput she has said she would like to do it 2wice a month don't know if I drank enough water

Six seven eight glasses after throughout the Saturday and some on Sunday evening and yesterday had couple glasses of wine so I have messed that up. It was 48 hrs I know for next time



Hello Serenity61, the Lymphatic Massage/ drainage will help your body get rid of the toxins, and yes the water is needed, also fruit teas,(no caffine) to help the body. The Swedish massage might be too deep for the muscles, which also might have contributed to the stiffness and the discomfort you are feeling.

Ask your sons girlfriend, if she does aromatherapy massage, and then she could use the right balance of essential oils, to help the lynphatic drainage and also to help the muscular condition you have.

The oils can be blended to suit your needs, and adjusted on each visit to vary the support, for your condition.

I also trained in Holistic therapies, as an aromatherapist, reflexologist, indian head massage, and a few others, I looked forward to working with the therapies, but poor health, and stuff got in the way, ttfn



Scouser 58

Thank you for your imput x


Hello Serenity61,

I wondered if the information here on our old website may be of interest as it mentions a study about Fibro & Lymphatic Drainage (abbreviated as MLDT);

Please do let us know how you get on with this therapy, as it will be interesting to hear your experience.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


This happens to me too! so a scan does not show it; but what does? I can hardly walk some days and other days I can not move my legs until I massage them. My spine aches even when I am trying to sleep. My eye sight is failing and soon I feel that I will not be able to see at all!


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