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Fibro fog could have killed us

After cooking tea the night before last without realising I had left one of the gas hobs on all night waking as I usually do around 4 I thought I could smell gas but told myself I was imagining it only for my children to wake up with headache and feeling sick, we went down to the kitchen (house is 3 floors, kitchen on bottom) the whole house stank of gas luckily we don't smoke or we would have blown the house up I really feel someone was watching over us

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A Guardian Angle surely.

It's amazing that sometimes something steps in to prevent the unthinkable.

It's a long story. But the failure of a bus to turn up prevented 2teenagers from walking in on the most horrendous of scenes.

And the day before I had carried around the most terrible sense of doom that had no name.

And sometimes life throws marvellous things our way as well.

I have one asleep with his teddy on the sofa. Whippet. All because someone saved my sanity by lending me a bike.

May a marvellous thing come your way today.


Hi Nedd :)

It always amazes me how our hightened senses as fibromites give us clear warnings of things, the oppressive sense of doom is often scary for me and I've experienced it my whole life. I can sense when things are going to happen but obviously don't know what 'things' it will be.

Luck or Intuition? either way is often a Godsend!

Sending fibrobusting fluffies your way my friend :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Crikey Nala231 :)

Lucky family you are and sincerley wishing you are all ok and not too ill from the effects of it.

A couple of years ago My hubby left a garlic baguette cooking in the oven all night when I got up I was wondering who was cooking :o By the time I discovered it was a solid piece of Charcoal LOL

We were lucky it didn't catch fire or it may have gone 'boom' as we also have a gas cooker :o

Sending cleansing healing fluffies to you and your family :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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Thank you I really do believe someone was watching over us very lucky people xx

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Hi Nala231

I am so relieved that nothing more sinister happened and it was so lucky that you awoke!

Take care

Ken x


Morning Nala,

I am so pleased for you all that your angel kept you- all safe and sound!

Thank goodness none of you smoke

Happy days xxgins


hi nala

i am pleased your guardian angel was watching over you & kept your family safe hope your not to ill after it

hugs x


Thank you all for your kinds messages sorry I've not replied sooner but I'm havingba bad kne at the moment in a lot of pain xx



I also have a habit of leaving the gas on, then the flame goes out, its a wonder I've not gassed the cat yet. My hubby goes mad, but theres nothing I can do, I forget to turn the hob off, I also wander off after starting cooking and forget I've got something boiling away, then come back when its well and truly welded to the bottom of the saucepan, I don't seem to be able to smell much these days. I cant count the times I've cut burnt bits off of potatoes, then poured gravy over to hide the smell. I did the gas thing last night and had a candle burning in the next room, lucky or what! Like you I really think there is someone watching over us, it seems our time is not up yet!!!

Happy cooking, fluffy hugs Lynn x


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