bad fibro-fog or just stark ravin' mad? you decide!!!

... well one and all I have had a strange two days, yesterday I put my top in the bin instead of the laundry basket and some ripped up paper in the laundry basket instead of the bin, when my fella woke me to get me up and washed and dressed today ,after doing so he said I 'll make us a drink, then he said " why have I just found your rechargeable toothbrush in the fridge????!!!!! I must have taken in the kitchen last night to recharge and gone in the fridge for something??? now if I could only remember what!!!!....if you decide I am stark ravin' mad then I am not offended as it makes me more interesting!!! (p.s I have met a lot of so called sane people and they are all boring!!)

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  • Well firstly you are totally sane. And secondly I do this sort of stuff all the time!!

    For example I just went out into the kitchen to get something and couldn't remember

    What is was. It will come to me later though.

    This you will find to be your saving grace. Because you will remember later on.

    Hang in there and tell yourself this a blip and it is all down to the dreaded fibro!!

    Believe me all will become clear when the fog gets much clearer.


  • Yep you are totally sane .... I went out and bought two new pairs of trousers took the old ones off the hangers ... Rehung them and threw the new ones in the dustbin... And the dustmen came the next day before I realised.... Take comfort in the words... If you remember you forgot what you were doing you,re ok it's when you don't remember ... Then its time for other people to worry for you.

    VG x

  • You're not alone EJ - I put my purse in the fridge! I had rung the bank and cancelled all my cards, went to make a comforting cuppa, and there was 'pursey' tucked up comfortably next to the milk!

    Moffy x

  • your not alone I do silly things all the time ! Do not if anyone else is the same here but if I am doing someting lkie getting tea ready and someone dose something to help it really get me confused or is it just me ?

  • ... so we are all mad!!! I can live with that!! I am happy to be among the elite (you guys!!!) lol

  • I put the bread in the kitchen bin and a small bag of rubbish in the bread bin


  • I made a cup of coffee this afternoon and when I'd made it went to answer the phone, came back a couple of mins later and couldn't find it!.....didn't remember I'd brought it to the other room, stood staring at the kettle and wondering if I had really made it lol

  • Yesterday I ordered something on-line. When asked for my password I hadn't a clue, so

    they sent me instructions to enter a new one. I later found that the new one I chose was

    the one I had originally, tut!!

  • I have entered my PIN number, that I've had for years, incorrectly a few times lately! Now my husband or daughter put it in for me! So much for keeping your PIN number a secret, hahaha! Just not possible with that damn fibro-fog! (((Hugs to all))).

  • All seems normal to me lol i do it all the time. I drive and sometines I forget were I am going have to stop and try and remember. These days I can only do one thing at a time or else I get confussed . Two weeks ago we went out for the afternoon and evening came home and the kitchen was flooded i had left the tap running with the plug in .. Oh dear ......... So my guess is we are all sane .. It is the others that are not ...

  • A couple of days ago I was making herbal teas fo my son and myself..... then put milk in!

  • 50/50 but I can relate to everything you are glad u shared ur dilema with us. made me smile :)

  • I used to be just the same. the number of times I went to the cupboard and opened the door only to forget what I went for was nobodys business. I would even drive past my road if thinking of something else. Make brews with cold water as forgot to put the kettle on and burn tea as I forgot it was in the oven. I thought I had dementure. Now my brain works tons better. What did I do. I cut gluten out of my diet hoping to help tummy issues and got my brain back. Have not been tested for an allergy to gluten as my gp says I would have to eat it again to be tested. No chance i have my marbles back and am not losing them again without a fight. :-)

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