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Attack of the Killer (almost) Fibro-Fog!

Hi all,

If you've been following my posts you'll know that I have been having joint pain investigated and an OCAS (Orthopedic Clinical Assessment Service) appointment deemed I had to see Rhemuotology for suspected fibro. I had over 11 sore tender points. I'm happy I'm almost getting answers but sad at the length of time it's taken.

But I thought I'd tell you about a particular funny Fibro-Fog story, or maybe me just being a general idiot. I'm forever mixing my words up, "I'll just give text a Chris." (Chris a text) and "I've just put the fr-ead in the br-idge." (bread in the fridge)

But the other day I was making myself some porridge and I'd poured the milk into the bowl and had it sat on the kitchen counter near my little netbook. I picked the bowl up to put it in the microwave for 2 mins and looked down at my hands, I was holding my netbook. It would have been Killer Fibro-Fog if I'd put it in the microwave. It made me chuckle. That and I put the sugar dish in the fridge and the milk carton on the window ledge.


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Welcome to the wonderful world of fibro fog... :D From now on expect anything... I shut my head in the cupboard .. Forgot to remove head before shutting cupboard door... Dented my glasses ... Optician laughed when he remarked on the strange dent on the arm and I explained ....

VG x


Iput myused dinner dishes and cutlery into the bin after scraping bits of into the dishwasher nuch to the delight of ny step grandson who has had tomove in to watch my stupid antivs lol


We all have these moments! Below are a few of mine:

I have put roll-on deodorent on my two cheeks instead of under my arms!!

Cups taken to the bathroom sink rather than the kitchen???

Forgetting to put trousers on!

Getting the time wrong and arriving early or late and not understanding why people were looking at me strangely!

Using the wrong key in my front door and having to ask a stranger walking past to help me figure out why it wouldn't work!

Zoned out and followed a stranger at an underground station- through the barriers and onto HER train. After a good few stops realising that I have no idea where I am and having to go all the way back!!!

Walked in front of cars when I though the light was green when it actually was red!

My personal favourite so far:my wristwatch on my left wrist... cold drink in my left hand... Turn hand to check the time... Cold drink all over myself... ON A TRAIN!

Be careful with yourself. ??



Oh how familiar this all sounds! I find when I'm fogy that I mis-read thinks too. Had a text from a reflexology friend yesterday. Without engaging brain I exclaimed to my colleagues - my friend must be going mad, he's asked me if I'd like to go over for a treatment swap and mushroom! Re-read it and it actually said "musicroom" - he's a keen amateur musician and loves all types of music! You'd think I'd know to check and then re-check before opening mouth, I've made a fool of myself that many times 8D x


my fog moments include the following

- driving 15miles down the wrong road to work = 30mile detour lol

-trying to open a service users door with my own house key

- trying to open someone elses car (it was the same make but it nice not have flowers on it) lol

-going to work in my pj's!

-putting juice in my coffee not

these are just a few of my moments lol


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