Oh Dear Fibro fog at its best. LOL

So, last week I get an email saying my meter readings are due. My daughter went and got them, jotted them down on a bit of paper, I said I would enter them online later that night. So, I bring up the page, find the submit a meter reading, checked, double checked I had it right, sent them off and thought nothing of it. Friday I get an email to say my bill is ready to view. I forget about it til last night, clicked on the page and up comes my bill,. Despite me paying £130 a month for gas and electric I owe them £1,300. I nearly fell off my chair, feeling a panic attack coming on, i call my son........he gives me a look of "what do you expect me to do". I sit and panic. I am looking at the usage chart, and am shocked. I made a huge effort to cut down my usage, it says I have used more than double last years!!! When I finally calm down, find the bit of paper, recheck everything.................then I see, I have put the gas reading into the electric, and visa versa!!!!!!!!!! what an absolute plonker. I cannot change it online, will have to ring them tomorrow. LOL at least I can laugh lol,

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  • glad im not the only one who dose whacky things

  • Heart attack moment! LOL

    So glad it was a mistake!

    Moffy x

  • Phew....lol.....

    Thank goodness there was a happy ending. Thank God it was the Fibro fog and not a real reading!

    Have a relaxing night. I expect whoever you speak to tomorrow will have a laugh with his/her colleagues!

    Take care and thanks for sharing!

    Love and hugs Saskia. XX

  • Hope you get it sorted tomorrow and they don't keep you hanging on the phone too long

    VG xxx

  • Hope you get it sorted quickly! xxx

  • OMG what a divvy lol! Glad you found out what happened and it should be a happy ending to an otherwise grim fairytale :-)

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