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Is it Fibro Fog or Altzheimers?

The most embarassing thing ever happened to me yesterday. My car was clamped, right outside my front door!

I went out to see what the problem was (they got something wrong here), when the DVLA van driver told me I had no road tax!!

I could not believe it people.... honestly, even looking at the tax disc, I was sure it couldn't be true. It ran out at end of May 2012!!!

I had spent all last week sorting out new car insurance (not due till 19th Sept), and checked MOT was current (NOV), but still no incling my tax was due, as I hadn't had a reminder. But like the man said, it's on your windscreen!

On eventually finding my registration docs, I realised that when I moved house in November, the only thing I hadn't changed my address on, was my car registration.

Even my 16 year old daughter couldn't believe that she hadn't noticed the tax had run out, whenever she got into that side of the car.

I can only think that my brain was thinking 5th Dec. Instead of May 2012!!!

Luckily my son-in-law was able to get tax for me and sort it all out..... but I got a £100 fine.... not good on £70 a week benefit!! What a silly old moo.

Soooo embarassing, never seen anyone clamped up here (near Aberdeen).

So, is it Fibro Fog or Altzheimers... what do you think?

Ruth xx

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Bad luck I suspect it was a bit of Fibro and the upheaval of moving :) x gins


If you're out and about and find you can't remember where you are or how to get home....thats alzheimers. They return to a time sometime in the past and so today becomes confusing. (well thats my understanding of this terrifying condition) So It sounds more like brain fog. I only have the energy to concentrate on certain things. I live almost in crisis control. So things like car tax get missed easily. Drives my husband mad. Important things like this often fall through my must do sieve.....


Hi Ruth -- sorry to hear about yr experience -- modern day living means we have soooooo many things to remember (difficult enough for even a healthy person!) -- I find that it helps me to have a large calendar pinned on my kitchen notice board where I write down all important dates (well in advance) which I check each morning. It also helps me to try and sort out "stuff" well ahead of the due dates (like you did with yr car insurance). Looking at yr profile you live quite close to me (I am in Inverurie -will watch out for the DVLA VAN) -- so if you ever feel like a chat/cup of coffee send me a message on this site. :) xx


Hi Phlebo123

I usually do that, have done for years, or I would never cope!! Yes, it would be nice to meet up, I do my shopping in Inverurie. Still suffering badly at the moment, this flareup has lasted 3 weeks so far :-( keep in touch xx


Easily done, you must have had a huge list of people to notify when you moved, just a shame that DVLA was the one you forgot. :( xx


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