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LOST a fibro flare up...WANTED a memory restart button

in past 3 wks I have lost my phone, diary, glasses and bank card.

wATER TANK BURST yesterday.....but found my glasses last night-every cloud had a silver lining

Puffed up like a big baloon and all my achess and pains are worse.

Had a 2nd funeral 2day and its 1st anniversary of my uncles death (his wife died 3weeks ago)

STRESS has a lot to do with this recent flare up and have had no kitchen sink and cooker for 2weeks ago as new kitchen ANYWAY all the takeaways havent agreed with delicate need to restart (reboot) evierything

Back to gp 2morrow,,,,magic wand needed???!!!!

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ps. other items found as well :)


It seems many of us are in a huge fibro fog flare ... I am just clinging to my GPs sound words... If you know your memory is going then its just fibro fog if you don't realise it but others do then its possibly time to worry

And of course the stress doesn't help

Hope you feel better soon

VG x


Everyone is suffering from winter downers - it gives you a pain everywhere, worse if you have fibro.

Well, if I can remember where I put my magic wand, I'll give it a good wave for you all and get you dancing around like spring lambs - I wish! ;0

Moffy x


I'll stand in line on this one too, I think it's been this hideous weather causing probs for everyone...........methinks they've cancelled spring and we won't have a summer and then it'll be time for autumn...........deepest joy !!!

Foggy x


Definitely the cold does none of us any favours with the fibro and it has been somewhat relentless this year. I am sure all your stress has gone a long way in assisting your flare up, so sorry to hear about so much tragedy in your family Mrs Valentine. I know that when my letters come through to attend appointments up in London I get so stressed the flare necessitates A short steroid blast as I can barely move. Stress and damp cold are not our best friends unfortunately.

Look after yourself

Mel x


Hi there, i`m sorry to hear about your troubles. I have foggy days, yesterday i found myself staring deeply into the airing cupboard wondering where my electric blanket switch was! It wa warm in there, i stayed for a bit! Today on my way to doc i completely lost any idea of where i was, that`s happened before and its really scary! I think the worst is getting into a room and realising i`ve left everything i want in another room, i mujst walk miles in the course of the day collecting stuff and then losing it! What`s my name? xxxxx


THANK YOU ALL flare up and memory fog seem to have gone today---its sunny and i have just had brunch outside with my pjs on....looking forward to more heat. :)