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Do you have to have DLA to get adaptions ??

Now since got blue badge we just need to sort the rest DLA etc despite me being able to get out and about.

Theres things i could do with ie a chair for doing things in kitchen as i feel like bag if heavy cement standing and my feet etc also a hand rail for loo as nothing really to use .

Can anyone guide me is this possible?

Also i have stairs upto my house and most time i use the grass as its getting up them with nothing to hold ,,, seems silly too but its hard wrk a lot.

We used to have a rail from ex tennants but back then i was fit n able xxx

Leeds area xxxx

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U can refer yourself to occupational health or get your gp to do it u do not have to be on benefits i refered myself x


Thanks crissy,

When wrk etc you think not able to get anything.

We only just getting to know bit by bit.

I hope it all vanishes (dont we all) lol as i am 43 and was fit over 2 half yrs ago so its still taking it in really. I just think of it like a very long extended bad problem that will go like all other things in my past but some how i believe in my heart its here to stay.

Do they assess you come to your home?

Is it like social services or Age Uk

How are you doing xxxxx this weather is killing xx


hi i was assesed at home by ot and social services that way they can asses your acual needs i.e outdoor ramp,were grip handles need to be placed weather you need any aids to help in the kitchen there are so many aids available i found the service very helpul and they do a revue every so often to see if your needschange you could try contacting your local council,good luck.pauline


I have some aids fibro fog can't remember who got them organised I have a feeling it was my rheumatologist as he sorted me out with orthotics , that I do remember. I wasn't asked about dla although I do get low care rate so I don't think it matters

Good luck

VG x


I had an assessment from a social worker for personal care. She got me funding for meals from Wiltshire farm foods.I had another from an occupational therapist for aids in the home .I was given a perching stool,trolley ,bath board & bed stick.My GP referred me to both.


I had an assessment from a social worker 4 weeks ago she told me cannot fit any thing in my home because i live in 3 bed house and we are 2 .they are going to make a decision by panel but i haven't heart anything yet.


We have been referred via the Carers centre that we registered with as carers for our daughter. They are coming out soon to assess things we need done for her safety including making the bathroom bigger by extending it 4ft into my bedroom. So hopefully that will all go ahead next year xxxxx


I was referred to an OT by the chronic pain team. A lovely lady came to see me and we had a good chat about my illness and how it affected me. She arranged for a shower to be fitted over my bath and got me a bath board delivered. I also got an intercom system fitted as my flat is on the first floor so I can let people in without going downstairs.

She's coming again next week to fill in form for a home transfer with my housing association (somewhere on the ground floor)

That is just an example of the things they can get done for you. If a grant is needed from your local council they will arrange all that too.

It's definitely worth getting referred :)


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