Just venting. aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!

Just got off the phone with the doc, I had asked him could I increase my Amitriptyline as changing to it seems to be helping me sleep at the moment (although I did say it may not be the tablets, just sheer exhaustion) but doing nothing for the pains. His answer: he was surprised that it worked for my sleeping this quickly as t usually takes longer but I can double my dose, but to bear in mind it was probably the placebo effect.

I am sure I said to him that it could of been pure exhaustion!!!!

Okay, thank you rant over :)

Hope you all have a good day, or as good as.....sunshine over here (unusual for NI!!)

Susan :)

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  • Hi Susan

    Here's a GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR from me on your behalf and some lovely soft comforting fluffies to help soothe the aches and pains

    Take care my friend

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • At last, just got my internet back. thank you for the fluffies sian, much better than any pill :)

  • {{{{Susan}}}}} :) xx

  • And a Grrrrhhh!!! From me too, tiredalot40! Gp's eh?! Gentle hugs, Julie xxx

  • Just got my internet back, and a big thank you for the hugs, much better than a pill :)

  • Hi I am on amitiptyine plus I know of several people who are also on it all with fibro and all of us use it for sleep and pain. Pain with some people it help with me it does x

  • My aunt has FM and she suggested I try it, she went through the process of different tablets and found with the RLS and FM Amitriptyline worked the best for her to get some sleep and help ease pain.. So I asked, what harm is there :) like I say it could be sheer exhaustion as I have only managed 1.5hrs on a bad night and around 3 on a good night for a while now, then work and whatever else you have to do and like most people I do not function without sleep :) and for the last 3 nights I have managed a whopping 7 hours woohoo! sorry I didn't get back earlier, yet another internet crash at our house :( and a big thank you... xx

  • Hi tiredalot40

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I must say that I am flabbergasted that your GP would actually say this! I think anyone who takes Amitriptyline will say it aides sleep? It is the sister drug, Nortriptyline that does not contain a sedative. At least he has said that you can increase it.

    I genuinely hope that it works for you?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thank you Adonis :) by the way you are privileged I usually reserve that for my ever suffering hubby :) just got my internet up so sorry for not getting back to you. I was surprised at him saying that to me as we usually get on well and he is usually a very supportive GP who explains things to you in lay mans terms, so when he said it I needed a scream and you poor people got it. Like I had said my sleep has increased from a woeful 1.5 - 3 hours a night to a whopping 7 the past 3 nights :) :) it may not be the Amitriptyline but I really don't care so long as I sleep, makes work so much easier. Now to get the pain back under control and I will be dancing about in work (no! I am not a pole dancer, but how great would that be :) )

    Sorry for the gripe, but better out than in!

    Hope you are doing as well as can be... Susan x

  • That would be so cool if you were a pole dancer! I really hope that your sleep pattern improves for you.

    Take care


  • From an elated pole dancer (only in private and in the safety of my home hehe) sleep is such a wonderful thing it is not overated at all, sleeping much better, thank you.

    I know from your posts that you sleep when and where you can, got me thinking....is that how you manage to be the Adonis, wise and wonderful person, you gave up sleep? That being the case I will just have to live my life as a pole dancer in my dreams!!!

    Hope you manage some... Susan x

  • Amitriptyline is the only thing I've been prescribed for my FMS, consultant rheumatologist got me to increase weekly to max does of 50 in the evening for the sleep side of things, his theory being the FMS is a sleep disorder and if your'e sleeping well the painful symptoms will disappear (or be reduced or manageable)it certainly seems to have helped me - I would say a 70-80% reduction of pain. I am long term sick leave but goping back to work on the 28th April, will be interesting to see how this affects my pain.

  • Thank you, I like positive feedback :) my pain was at a manageable level most of the time, but my sleep was up the left and getting worse. Thankfully that seems to be getting better with the change to amitriptylene but the pain has increased :) awh well you can't have it all :p All being well this will ease off too. Hope you continue to improve or at least stay at a good level when you return to work.

    Wishing you well. Susan x

  • A special Badger GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR for you to pass on.

    I don't think Ami helps my pain, just helps me sleep, along with the nightly cocktail. There was a good item on R4 some time ago about do placebos work even if you know that's what it is. Apparently yes. Whatever, I'm glad something works a bit. :)

  • In that case, I am happy with that :) Just don't want to Feel it is in my head, if you know what I mean :)

  • To quote a respected associate, "just because it's in your head doesn't mean it's not real" Spend a day or three pondering the full implication of that. . . and out of it comes the power of mind (like endorphins), unfortunately mine's too immature to be of much use.

  • hahahaha :P

  • Shouldn't that be h@h@h@h@? :P

  • wh@t th@t ole chestnut :P h@h@h@h@

  • Hehehehe. The old ones are the best

  • Are you saying that I'm old :o shame on you :)

  • Who? Me? Never!

  • will let you off with a warning this time, gonna have to watch you, I hear badgers are awkward things (i'm still living down running 1 over :P) just off to find a map :))

  • Hehehe. When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad I'm terrible. Try not to worry about cousin Jed. We run over more than are ever culled!

  • Hehe and I thought I was bad, at least he wasn't my cousin :)

  • :D :D I take my amitrip about 6 pm. Can just wake up in time that way. :D

  • So you are really bad when ur bad :)

  • Hehehe :P just amitripping ( love that word - its one of gins') so off to bed and see what happens :D

  • Hope you sleep well :)

  • Hi tiredalot, amitriptyline had same effect on me, immefiately, in fact i could not stay on it as i found it impossible to wake up the following day !

  • Thanks Shazzzy, I think the timing is the key, or at least for me. I had read other posts saying about not being able to get up. If I take mine around 7pm I can get next day around 7.30. I can live with that :)

  • Hi tiredalot, just been to see neurolobgist who wanted me to try amitryptyline again, reckons it will be good for migraines an fibro. Am going eith a different combo but if that fails will try ami again, will watch timing. Could you let me know if things improve for you, best wishes.

  • Will do, I am only on 20mg but so far so good sleep wise. If I sleep I can handle pain a bit better. But have to give it a bit more time apparently :)

    Hope all goes well with you. It is frustrating when you can get 1 set of meds that work in 1 area but not another. :)

  • Thsnks, i do feel like a human experiment with all the diffrrent drug trials, although consultant said its the most difficult type of migrsine to treat he also said sometimes they can stop them completely, which really shocked and cheered me, i am do used to being in pain and being told it wont go away. I never even considered that as an option. Best wishes.

  • Now that would be something, no pain and some energy. Take care :)

  • perhaps you were having a placebo effect to what the doctor said? Or is alllll Ssssstttttrrrrrraaaaannnnngggggeeee???

  • If it was a placebo effect it is still working lol apart from the occasional night, but as the saying goes.......I don't have to be strange to be here, but it certainly helps :D :D

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