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Pains is it just Fibro?


Hi I am still new to fibro and was hoping some of you could give me some advice about pain.

I have so much pain in my elbows and lower back.

These places are alot worse than my general all over pain that is just bearable with the painkillers I take.

They dont seem to touch the pain in my elbows and back I am finding just walking around the house is becoming so painful and a stuggle also and just so tired all the time I just want to sleep.

Is all of this just fibro? I tend to think it is but just wanted some advice form all you lovely people it is getting me down trying to cope with it all

thank you soft hugs xx

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I was only diagnosed a few weeks ago so dont have the confidence to be sure about answering your question - sorry. I can say that I have pain all over but it is particularly bad in my chest and lower back (from fibro) and the pain killers dont really touch the pain in those areas xx

fairylady in reply to catleigh

Hi thank you for our reply even if you are not sure you took the time to reply and I do understand how you fell maybe we just need to find the right balance of meds maybe it just early days yet

soft hugs xxx

I am lucky (????) My worst pains seem to differ from day to day. They say a change is as good as a rest! (hence the "luck") Not sure if it's good or bad luck though! Lol!

I put my general aches, stabbing pains, burning pains, achilles tendonitis, wearyness & legathy down to my fibro. Think the back, hip, groin & neck pains are down to my osteoporosis & osteoarthuritus, But Who knows?

My rhumatoligest denys most of it , then puts it in a letter to my GP! Has she forgotten that we get a copy of the letter?

Or maybe she thinks i'm brain-dead from fibrofog!!! LOL!!!

What I won't let it take away is my sense of humour!

Gentle hugs to you

Everyone suffers pain in different areas of their body, Penny it sounds as though it probably is Fibro, but make a list and ask your GP when you next have a consultation.

It is always best just to check as it should never be that we put everything onto Fibro!!!


Sue x x x x

Hello fairlady,

I'm really sad to hear you are in so much pain and if you are recently diagnosed you won't have reached the point where you can tell what is 'fibro' pain and what isn't.

First rule with anything new is go and see your GP to get them to investigate it and don't be fobbed off. If have any new symptoms it doesn't automatically mean they are related to your fibro, although if there's no other reason for your current added symptoms and no pain or swelling, it probably is.

You also need to get your GP to refer you to your nearest Pain Clinic, with a view to getting you into a Pain Management Programme, although you may have to wait up to a year for your place to arrive.

In the meantime, they need to get you on the usual sort of medication cocktail for fibro. Most sufferers take Duloxetine or similar, Gabapentin or similar and pain killers. I take Paracetamol 1g 4 x daily and Tramadol 150mg x2 daily. If you have issues with not being able to sleep at night, you may need something for that too, I've just started taking Mirtazapine as it doesn't knock me out the following day, the way Amytriptyline does, but that's just me everyone is different. The link below lists fibro meds

I would go to Fibro Actions main site on this link too

All that being said, you will find that some days, some bits will hurt more than others and some days you will be more tired than others. If it's possible, when you feel really crappy like that, snuggle up on the sofa in front of the tv and have a duvet day. There's no point in struggling on, it just makes it worse.

Hope that helps, happy hugs, kate :)

fairylady in reply to kraftyk8

Hi and thank you I already take mitazapine and deloxotine for depression and I have 2 tranadol and 2 paracetamol for pain as well as other meds for thyroid ibs and edema I am seeing dr nest week so i will add it all to my list lol hugs xxx


hi sorry to repeat the advice but go and see your GP there are flair ups but any new thing needs to be checked out sorry xx

Hi to you, I have had this for many years and you have to keep taking the pain killers. Day and night. and one day you might feel a bit better then the next day.

I just say it is getting older.

fairylady in reply to paulanner

lol yes I getting older too haha

I take all the painkillers I can and still in pain but some of it could be related to my gallsones but will check with my dr thank you for your comment tho gentle hugs xx

Thankyou for getting back to me, yes gallsones are not very nice to, hope you get no ok with the dr you can say that gentle hugsxx

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