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Men are from Mars,. Women are from Venus

A warm welcome to everyone on line.

Yesterday and today have been BAD days, I'm sure you know what I mean.

I was diagnosed eleven years since and my partner was brilliantly supportive and attentive. He's a good bloke but as time goes on it feels as if my fibro symptoms are more of a nuisance and boring to him or is it just me that feels that. The question of 'how you feeling' gets a 'fine' reply because saying 'actually I feel like poo and I hurt so much all over I could cry' would probably floor him. Men have the instinct to 'fix' things and as he cant fix this his philosophy is to work through illness and ignore it till it goes away.

As if it's not enough to have to deal with our own little 'blessing' we have to pussy foot round other people to spare them.

I'm sorry about the rant and I do love him to bits but on bad days it would be nice to wallow in a tiny bit of tlc without feeling guilty about it. Or maybe it's just me!!!! Sorry I'm not having a go at men in general.

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Well sweetie, you've just confirmed it, I hope you dont mind me correcting you, but men are not from Mars they are from Uranus.(not all)

tons of hugs :) :)

lol Susan xx


LOL :)


You go for it hun.Thats why I have stayed on my own for years as I don`t have to have the guilt of not being what someone else wants me to be.

I`ve off loaded everyone that gets on my nerves.And that has left me with prescious few.But they are prescious.

Hugs Butterflyxx


True :-) I've been married before to the scum of the earth with a penchant for domestic violence which no doubt was a major instigator of my current health problems. My hubby now is a pain sometimes but cant complain really he's one of the good guys.


Hey Jane, Oh trust me, its not just you, its me toooooooooo.

Sounds just like my hubby.Love him to bits too, but can also drive me bonkers.

Can really relate to the "need to fix" attitude. I do think with my hubby, he does try but can not fully get his head round it.

Have to grit my teeth sometimes, when he gives be his diagnosis, (Didn't know i married a DR and expert in fibro lol)

Eat more veg, sit in the sun, and go to be early. Just some of his advice.

If only it was that easy. A bit of a plonker, but at least his mine plonker.

Have a good evening, chat soon Lou x


rant as much as you like honey - ive done my fair share in the past! xxx :)


hi being a man that used to work through illness and ignore pain i know where you are coming from. my partner is very similar to your husband and gives the impression that our symptoms are boring now. but in reality its because she doesn't know what to do or say to help but i love her to bits.

soft hugs and best wishes to you both lol


Thank's everyone. A lot of people on here are on tablets for fm and under consultants. In eleven years I've never been to see any specialists at all and just keep taking inefective pain relief but tommorow I'm going to the docs and am going to demand I'm reffered to someone with an actual clue. Here's hoping.


you do make me laugh bless ya and you rant away if you cant do it here where cant you do it love diddle x


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