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People just don't understand


I unhappily add one more to the many my husband though I love him to bits sometimes I think he has cotton wool for brains, I have been awake since approximately 11o'clock last night and in pain. My husband asked me if I needed anything before he went out to his hospital app can't remember wat its for, I said sleep you know what he said to me don't sleep in the day and you will sleep at night he said that if a person gets up every morning at the same time eventually they will be so tired that they will sleep at night and won't wake up with the pain I tried to explain it to him that it doesn matter how tired you are the pain will wake you, he said but you would be so deeply asleep you wouldn't wake up , wrong I said we don't get that deep restorative sleep so we would still wake up , oh I havn't got time for this and he left he can't admit defeat he has to be right all the time .even when he's wrong he'll insist he's right you can bring him written proof that he's wrong and he'll say that's wrong

. I do love him but sometimes he drives me mad . Well rant over thanks for putting up with a very tired much I.n pain manic woman I would say its that time of the month but as I don't have a womb any more ist a bit hard to tell ,I love it when Dr's ask could you be pregnant that's when you know you've got an ass who hasn't lookd at your notes, well all for now so ttfn .Sithy


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sometimes those who are closest to you really do not rwalise at all what you are going through i see this alot on here ythey just seem to think that you are the person you were and you can do what you used to do and i tthink alot od it is that they are so upset for you they really dont wan tto think that you are that ill and cant do what you used to so hang in there i am sorry your husband is like that but i think it is because he is in denail like we areat times but bless him i am sure he love s you to bits and i am sure that he would do anything to help you

love to you diddle xxxxxxxx


Men!!! Bless their little cotton sock - they do like to be right regardless of the evidence; I bet hubby wouldn't ask for directions if he was lost either.

I realised I had done too good a job today when my younger daughter commented that I was getting better ... I'm not getting better - I'm just telling her less as I don't want to weigh her down with worrying about me!

Julie xx

No he wouldn't ask for direction hed get lost first then say it was my fault he's the one listening to the sat nav

Ahhhh I haven't got a womb and I still have all the monthly symptoms, husbands don't always think straight

Like u, I too have an amazing husband but he can make me want too pull finger nails off, I say" oh my arm, leg, neck etc hurts" and he'll say " oh what have you done", " nothing " il say Every time !!!!!!!! When will he learn that we don't injure ourselves it's Fibroymialga that gives us the pain, one day hel get it !!!!!!

Nicki xxxxx

I think the only people who notice any changes in me was my mother as she knew what to look for and my youngest daughter who takes notice whatever is going on around her .

Hi Sithy its funny you should say that !!!!!.......I saw a fibro Physio yesterday and he said the same.....I have to go to bed at a set time ie 10:30 and try to sleep ,stay there even if I cant sleep ,set the alarm for 8 in the morning and get up even if I havent slept. ....I can have a short nap between 3& 5 for about 45 mins then get up again. ...It will take 3 weeks he said and then my sleeping patern will reset in my brain. " but will the pain allow me to sleep just because you tell me this is how to do I dont think so !!! " but hey ho I will try!!!

Gentle hugs x x


Oh how i agree with you Sthandra my Mum always knows even if i say i am ok she knows, i am 57 and she still mothers me ( so very lucky aren't i ) My hubby always tries to find out why it flares up ! i now say just because. To be honest i don't think anyone can understand except the people who have the same condition which is why this site is so great

Yea my mum wasn't much of a mum when I was a kid in fact I'll give it straight she used to beat me a lot I have 2 brothers 1 older 1 younger my older brother use to get belted now and then my younger brother never anyway I left home as soon as I could I was 16 things got easier between us then, anyway she started with fibro before me but was diagnosed after me so finaly we had something incommon she knew how I felt I knew how she felt then 2 years ago she died after a 3 year battle with lung cancer now I only have you guys I. Used to have a friend with fibro but she hasn't spoken to me since I wouldn't go to court and say I'd seen her ex beating the kids well I hadn't I wasn't going to perger myself I had my kids to think about.

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