Sooo tired and in such pain!

I seem to be having episodes of extreme pain and exhaustion so frequently. I get over it for a couple of days then the pattern repeats itself. I feel so ill that I can't believe there's "nothing " medically wrong with me. My bloods say that I am in perfect health! Sorry fir the rant. Just feeling very down and would love to be able to have some sort of enjoyment in my life. I feel guilty saying this when I have a wonderful support network of family and friends. I hope everyone reading this is having as good a day as possible.

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  • Hey,

    You say there is nothing medically wrong with you - have you got a diagnosis of fibro? Xxx

  • My doctor says that I have fibro symptoms. Last time I had my bloods checked, GP said that on paper I come across as a very healthy specimen! Calcium, vitamin levels etc all good as is kidney and liver function. Makes me wonder why I almost permanently feel ill, lethargic and in pain. Thanks for replying. X

  • A lot of us have that problem. I found two exploratory operations, 3 MRI's, loads of x-rays and blood tests and other appointments with specialist doctors and they all came back mainly clear (just odd bits and pieces like wear on my discs in my spine) nothing that would cause the pain I'm in. It often feels like fibro is a last minute diagnosis! The problem is no matter how brilliant and supportive people are, unless they are a fellow Butterfly Warrior (as I call us) they don't ever fully understand! What are you hoping to gain from the forum xxx

  • Hi - I replied to you, Danielle but it seems to be at the top of the page! Lol! Audrey x

  • Welcome mcglada0

    Sounds to me as if you are caught in the vicious cycle called Push & Crash (or Boom & Bust)

    Here's a helpful post about this here

    Please ignore the links to FibroAction (pre merger with FMA UK) I need to change the links to information here in the community as the links are not working, but the rest should make sense

    Try to do less on the better days and the same on the bad days then work a minute more on each day - the goal is slowly slowly catchy monkey - pacing is a hard thing to do and everyone has their own limitations.

    Hope this helps

    Emma :)

  • Thank you Emma. I will follow your link.,I know I need to pace but find the whole process quite tricky. Hope your having a good day. Audrey x

  • Hi Audrey

    I completely understand and I think most of us will have experienced this at some point living with Fibro. It's hard as when you feel better you want to do as much as possible but it's definitely a balancing act! :)

    Hope you are able to slowly work towards doing a set amount everyday and increasing exercise tolerance again slowly to hopefully avoid a the really bad flares.

    Emma :)

  • I've just read your Push and Crash article and it makes a lot of sense. When I recover from this bout will really try to have a look at my daily activities and do a small amount then rest . Hopefully will be able to build on my tolerance level. Thanks so much for your help. Audrey x

  • You ask what I'm hoping to gain from the forum. I think just the brilliant support that members give. It's good to read about other people's experiences and although I would not wish fibro on anyone,,it's comforting to know that I'm not alone. As I'm sure you know- it's quite a lonely illness.

    Thank you fir replying to my text and I hope that you are having some better days. Audrey x

  • Haha no sure why the reply is down here 😂

    That's the best thing you can gain from here. No matter what pain you are experiencing someone from here will be feeling it too which is so comforting like you said as you don't feel alone and somehow it makes the whole thing a lot less scary!! Hope you are having a good evening hun xxx

  • Today has been a bit better. Thanks for chatting yesterday. Made me feel a whole lot better. Hope you've had a good day. Xx

  • I'm really glad to hear that hun :) Hope today is good for you as well xxx

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