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Just a smile for today

Just a smile for today

A very distinguished lady was on a plane arriving from Switzerland.

She found herself seated next to a nice priest whom she asked:

"Excuse me Father, could I ask a favour?"

"Of course my child, What can I do for you?"

"Here is the problem, I bought myself a new sophisticated hair remover gadget for which I paid an enormous sum of money. I have really gone over the declaration limits and I am worried that they will confiscate it at customs. Do you think you could hide it under your cassock?"

"Of course I could, my child, but you must realize that I cannot lie."

"You have such an honest face Father, I am sure they will not ask you

any questions", and she gave him the 'hair remover'.

The aircraft arrived at its destination. When the priest presented

himself to customs he was asked

"Father, do you have anything to declare?"

"From the top of my head to my sash, I have nothing to declare, my son.", he replied.

Finding this reply strange, the customs officer asked

"And from the sash down, what do you have?"

The priest replied, "I have there a marvellous little instrument

destined for use by women, but which has never been used."

Breaking out in laughter, the customs officer said

"Go ahead Father. Next!"

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Brilliant - so nice to have a good laugh early in the day!

Moffy x


I told moffy off for making me spit coffee out now you are doing it...

VG x


oh how nice to get my own back - tee hee


Hands VG a wet wipe :)


Great, love it Mal .........I can never remember the punch line in're very clever! I was told one the other day about a washing machine ......l.will try and sift through my fuddled brain and see if I can remember it......... Foggy x


Oh, I'm not that clever, believe me. I have to confess that this was sent to me by a mad Aussie friend, so all I did was cut and paste.

Wait until you see what I have lined up for tomorrow ;) If laughter is really the best medicine, then tomorrow's post should cure us all, as I defy anyone not to laugh


Hahaaa well funny LOL x


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