Morning All would you believe this lovely Monday morning I am

having one of those days the cereal ran out when I poured my portion and I had what appeared to be the bottom of a bird cage!

Today my expectation is strangely coloured by my Drains yes Drains I have the wonders of a ces pit to endure now most of the time it is magnificent and looks after us well, however,it has decided when it rains to make strange noises in our loo. So I await a knight on a sturdy tractor to come to my aid.

I certainly can no longer manoeuvre manhole covers with double walking sticks and a back made up of lego pieces.

So it should be fun here but lets not be glum we have all the ingredients to put together a christmas cake so today we are going to soak the fruit in port ooooohhh

keep smiling everyone


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  • Aww gins,what a great distraction to the drains! And clever you,I wouldn't know how to make a Xmas cake.Regarding the knight thingy,I shall have a think and see if I know of any.How about some fluffies from my petting zoo instead?will send them along on a tractor if that helps! :D

  • Hi Haribo we are trying a recipie which is gluten and dairy free so we are first timers all the lovely fruits are soaking in port now so nothing to do till tomorrow :) Now I wait for my Knight on sturdy beast xgins

  • Ooh, it must be time to get the onions pickled too. Thanks Gins, you've reminded me :) I wonder if I could make a decent gluten free Christmas cake myself... mmm... you've got me thinking Gins. That's not healthy on a Monday morning :)

    I hope you get the strange noises sorted and good luck with the cake :)

    Pip xx

  • oooh Pip pickle onion yum how wonderful havent made my own for years . There seems to be a good gluten free recipie for cake though so we are going for it.

    As to the oises from below no we still await the knight!


  • Hopefully he'll be along on his beautiful white stallion shortly ;)

    Are you doing gluten free? Is the recipe the same as usual apart from the flour used?

    Pip xx

  • It is also dairy free as my daughter is intolerant but it looks wonderful full of moist fruit port brown caster sugar eggs and little nit of wheat free flour

  • Nice... :D xx

  • My Knight arrived his gallant stead was green the thing in tow a orange colour like a dragon it sucked instead of blowing and now no more is showing. Once deed done tea was supped relief was well and truly glorious :D

    Now the cake awaits tomorrow it is bath of ruby port cor lovely


  • Cooooooeeee I'd forgotten its getting near "that" time of year, I used to have to make many many cakes and puddings, now, in don't, and I love it. I even used to make my own mincemeat for mince pies longer, but actually having thought about it, maybe.....ummm will give thought

  • Meant to ask whether you could use spelt flour gins, I've done cakes etc with it and it's been very good :-)

    Foggy x

  • Foggy do you just use it instead of flour and is it gluten free ?

  • I was wondering about Spelt flour for cakes. It's ok for bread making but I've been wary of making cake with it.




  • Just waiting for the Christmas cakes to finish baking the smell ~~~~~ ahh

    the first on is out looks brilliant the second any minute LOL

    Happy Christmas


  • Hi all I cheated on the cake front ,I bought one last year but never got around to eating it, its still good so we havin it this year yummy, I will probably eat most of it as oh has type 2 diabetes, and youngest and eldest daughters don't like Christmas cake and middle daughter is in Australia so all the more for me. :-)

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