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How many of you drive?


The reason I ask is, I have a car and so does hubby, but since I've been out of work sick mine spends most of the time parked in my driveway and when we do use it hubby mostly drives as I am a lot of the time too sore to drive far. I often leave it at home and walk to the shops or wherever. I have decided to sell it back to the garage where I bought it a year ago, I am afraid I will miss it as when hubby is in work I'll have to walk or use public transport, but then again I don't go far usually and hubby is off 3 or 4 days out of 7 so when he is here we or I can take his car. I have decided to just go for it though as I was going to get rid a while back but changed my mind.

Lately I don't always feel comfortable when I drive, between pain and medications, I don't always feel 'able' although I can still drive fine.

Also in a way I think I'll feel more free as I ( or more to the point, other people) won't feel that I can be places I'm not always in the mood or able to be, just because I can get there easily in the car.

How do others here manage...I have thought of a bike just to get around locally,I could do with the exercise not sure if I could manage a bike now though, it's been a while!

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Hi there Maryd , I haven't driven my car now for roughly two years, I feel the pain in my legs is just too much, and I don't think I'm a safe driver not so sure How I'd be when I used the brakes, I have been using crutches now or about three years was using a walking stick before that - as for cycling I most defo can't do that as my legs are way too bad, I use to cycle years ago ad enjoyed it but defo can't do it now, hav to say tho that the thought of letting the car go doesn't fill me with enthusiasm I feel it the last part of my independence to go, it's silly really becaus it's just sitting there, my hubby passed away 12 years ago, have had fibro nd spondylosis for over 50 yrs now amongst other illnesses hope u have Spain free day tomorrow gentle hugs ....Dee x

dottyboro in reply to Cookie72

hi dee i have spondylothessis and i to use to ride a bike and go to the gym that was about 8 years ago i to use crutches but still drive although my hubby does most running bout.Its also funny that you have fibro as my daughter does and i myself have been saying to doctors there is some thing more going on.Just recently i have learned that fibro is hereditary is it me or is my doctors not blind that they may be a link to myself and my daughter i am cripped with pain .I myself need my car or would not get out of the house . regards dot.

Cookie72 in reply to dottyboro

Morning Dot, yes I also read that fibro was hereditary , although no one in my family have it, the only link I have is that my nan on my mums side died when she was 36 she was in a wheelchair, and no one seems to know why, my guess is she was the one with the fibro and as I have been told many times by the docs to try to keep moving as I am going to end up in a wheelchair, I really do think my nan is the fibro link, I have a feeling that my daughter has it but she is burying her head in the sand, bless her, as for my car I'm in too much to drive now and I don't think my reactions are as good as they use to be and I would never forgive my self if I caused an accident, so I thought hey u know what Dee u have a bus pass, use it, and I talk to people I don't even know, wanna watch myself don't I lol...gentle hug to you all .....Dee x

dottyboro in reply to Cookie72

Hi cookie yep my daughter does have it she has her head in the sands to 18 years old doesnt go out much now stopped collage after gaining 13 gcses now hair dressing but really dont think she wants that she is so down and constantly sleeps what she supposed to do.Think ill need bus pass soon happens to the best love to all.x

Cookie72 in reply to dottyboro

hi dotty sorry to hear your daughter nurys her head in the sand, my daughter is is 51 and is afraid to admitt it, she feels she wont be able to cope like i do, if it turns out by tests that she really does have it, but I think she will cope bus pass is the old age pensioner bus pass lol the disability bus passes wernt around when I was young lol.......has your daughter been to the docs and got it confirmed they may be able to give her something to lift her mood if she hasnt been..hope all goes ok for her take care gentle hugs ...Dee x

if you can ride a bike I would sell your car and save yourself some money pet..i personally am in to much pain to even consider a bike but would if I could..x

Hi Mary,

I gave up my car and we have a sharing car now. Do I miss it yes definitely I am hanging on to driving it is something I love. I fear that my left hand is gradually letting me down and I shall have to give up when I can no longer hold the steering wheel.. I cannot ride a bike but I have a scooter which is handy however I live in the country so I need a car to get me where I want to go.

So do you or dont you - well take your time over the decision after all you are not in a hurry. are you?

So keep on driving while you can!


dottyboro in reply to Ginsing

i agree totally keep your independence why you can,

regards dot.

I do still drive, but only short distances, I live right out in the countryside so to get myself to the nearest town would cost me in the region of £15.00 - £20.00 by taxi. A bicycle is not an option for me as I have had spinal fractures and even th thought of sitting on a bike makes me cringe, plus one would be risking life and limb trying to cycle round the myriad of Devon lanes, where the hedges are so high, you can't see or be seen, so not a good idea.

I will keep driving as long as I possibly can, I have had periods of time where I have been unable to drive, I had a shoulder replacement in 2011 and even the thought of trying to change gear with my new left shoulder was a good deterrent, but four months down the line the physio told me to try driving again, which I did with much apprehension, but having taking it slowly I got back into it.

So as gins says, keep driving while you can !

Foggy x

Yes, I drive....well I did up until last Saturday when I was involved in an RTA!! Bloke ran into the back of me at great speed, knocking me over into the opposite carriageway, so I think the car's a write off!! Bad laceration to my right shin....and I have lymphoedema....and bad back pain!! But I hope I'll not be too afraid to get back behind the wheel, it's my lifeline!! XXXX

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Sorry to hear about your RTA, almost the same thing happened to me in Nov 2011, got terrible tissue damage to my neck on top of all my ailments and took 6 months to return to normal, with physio etc. I did drive again pretty much the next day and got a new car 6 months after, the one I am going to sell now, but i will still be driving when I want to as hubby and I will share his car. Hope you are ok...

sue32 in reply to Hidden

I'm OK MaryD, at least I'm alive, things could have been much worse! I have a lot of pain right now, but I can't drive cos I'm bandaged from foot to knee! I really do want to drive again, it's my only independence, but I don't know if the car is fixable or not. I hope it is cos I love that car. It was my dad's and he left it to us in his Will. I hope I don't feel too nervous about getting behind the wheel again. I'm a passenger right now, and I feel alright about that!! Thanks for your concern.....XX

dottyboro in reply to sue32

orrrrrr sue hope your doing ok well as to the RTA some idiots isnt there .dot.

sue32 in reply to dottyboro

Not bad dotty, thanks! Been back to the hospital this morning for redressings and the nurse practitioner said my leg would looks very good, not infected at all! That was really worrying me, and the fact I might have needed skin grafts! I've now been discharged to my local district nurses so I won't have to travel back to the hospital. XXXX

dottyboro in reply to sue32

great news sue best wishesxx

i have a motobility car and would be lost or housebound without it, i dont drive every day as medication makes me feel spaced out so if i know i need to drive i just skip meds and take them after ive been where i need to go, i find it really hard driving as i have lumps on my feet which are really painful but the thought of loosing my car scares me so much and dont know what i would do without it .


Thanks all for the replies, I will still be driving just sharing car with hubby but will be without a car when he is in work.

Was talking it over with hubby and think it will have to go as we can't really afford two cars at the moment....My daughter also drives so if I was really stuck when hubby was in work she could bring me somewhere.

So I think it is going provided the price is right but think I might borrow a bike for a few days before I buy one as not sure my back is able for it :)

I have been advised not to drive as my eyes are bad , I cannot walk far and my arms shoulders are sore too (so I cant use a self propelled wheel chair) my meds also did worry me but losing my car was like loosing a limb. I have had to totally depend on my hubby( even though he's great my independence has gone). I miss my little KA but I guess it didn't do it any good just sitting on my drive housing spiders. Sorry this sounds like a real moan but there are two sides to this decision you need to make. Good luck with your choice and enjoy your freedom on your bike whilst you can.

Hi all,

I've actually been learning to drive in the last year. In a way it feels like another chore and energy zapper, but long term it should help me get around more easily and save precious time and energy! :)

Can't wait until I pass!


Hi all I sold my car last yr, they was a few reasons why, I have not worked for over 21mths, and my husband only works 30hrs, so we could not afford 2 cars, plus in April of last year I tried to go back to my job as a nursery nurse. However I found my thinking and reactions were very slow. One day I forgot how to drive, and that was why I gave up.


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Oh Jan I can totally relate to this, I was/am a fully qualified childcare worker but found I could no longer do the job and now can't really afford my car and also my reactions have really slowed down so I worry about driving, some days I am fine, so if I feel ok I will take my hubby's car if not he will drive....I think I will be fine without my car and if things change in the future I will get my own again.

I have never forgotten how to drive but have forgotten other little things and find it very hard to park sometimes!

My son and daughter live nearby and have been supportive in my decision saying I can rely on them if needed.

Calling the garage in the morning about the car but will give it a few weeks before deciding about a bike or not :)

I'll let you all know how I get on :)

janlou in reply to Hidden

I hope you can still have your car, its hard living with Fibro, I have had a awful day. Went to my GP on my own, I will never do that again. Felt so anxious and found it very hard walking on my own. I am only 46, feel like 146!!!!

Take care

Jan x

Hi, I drive, but only on the days I feel capable of doing an emergency stop. When I declared my FMS to the DVLA they asked how I felt about driving, I said I was sensible enough not to drive if I was bad, couldn't anyway or if less than 4 hrs sleep cos of response times, this noted on my file, ok to drive, however, I can only go to somewhere I know, usually within 20mile radius, cant be in a car for more than an hour without stopping, and find after an hour my attention wanders, so I suppose its down to the individual. Might have to give up my car as benefits cut from £106 to £12 per week so dont know how I'm gonna manage anyway.

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