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Good morning all, though you might like to know !!!

Well you might all remember i had a Compliance interview to attend, that was yesterday, oh me i have done nothing wrong so wasnt overly worried, huh ,, some proper jealous folk out there,,,,in i go smile on my face, nothing to hide,,,,you have been reported for working and having hidden assets ,,,,oooooo have i ,,,,,Well i made a statement,,,no i gave up work more than a year ago, i have arthritis in my hips, hands, feet and now in my back,,,hidden assets,,i wish,,do i have money i havent told them about ,,,nooooooooooo but i do have a new mobility car, is it hidden she says, no its parked on my drie for all the world to see, dont think i can hide a lovely race red Fiesta lol, why would i want to ,,,i like to walk as far as my door and get in it,,thats why i have it because walking is difficult,,,,no sense of humour these people,,,well we will investigate and let you know,,,fine say i and smiled again,,wooo love it wouldnt killya to smile back,, thanks, well i have a feeling i know who it is a disgruntled ex, havent seen him for four years and suddenly he turns up where i live , he did speak to me and said he was lost mmm well i have moved since he became part of my past, and then this , got to be hasnt it really seeing as how he mentioned the car , though i didnt tell him it was a mobility car,,, oh well go get back in your tatty old van and drive away, leave me in peace ya miserable git lol.....

Hope you all have as good a day as you can xx

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There's some sad people around!!!!

I've had it done to me a few times.... And guess what. ..... It was my ex both times lol

I say grow up and get a life 😄


{{{{{{ Angel }}}}}}

Some people thrive on malice don't they?

I think you're doing the best thing by staying positive :)

Hope it goes away smoothly and no more trouble happens.

Protective fluffies on their way to you :)

xxx sian :)

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Hi angelm54

I am so sorry to read that some jealous person has been so spiteful to you, and I am sure that you have nothing to worry about. I have observed that these folk are born with no facial muscles and hence unable to smile?

Good luck



Ooo that makes me so mad but keep your chin up sweet cause those type of people want to bring us down we have to go through enough with pain as is,your fibro friends are always here for you xxxx

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I wonder what he felt he was gaining by falsly reporting you? Some people are shocking in their bitterness.


Well havent heard anymore yet but im not worried , thanks for all the replies, have a good day all xx


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