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Gabapentin and Vitamin B12 deficiency - and other possible vitimin deficiencies due to taking gabapentin

I have just had my results back and am deficient in B12 so have been looking to see why this may be in preparation for the expectedly unhelpful conversation with the docs next week

( they fought me every step of the way in getting tests done and now they have had to write to me to confirm the specialist was right so expecting the conversation to go badly from the outset)

Admittedly I have not been eating as healthily as I did before my accident, but have had the symptoms for much longer. I checked and apart from shellfish - which I am allergic to - I eat almost everything on the list of B12 foods, Plus I take vitamins ( have been for almost 30 years) that contain 100% RDA B12 - can I be deficient?

There are a number of possible reasons (some are lsited in this description of the schilling test ), one I will be asking the docs about - called intrinsic factor - which the medical studies paper I just read stated should be tested for when doing a vit B12 test - but was not on the blood test form, so need to check he has results for it ( may be included in UK vitB12 blood tests - not sure)

The other things that stood out was a mention that certain medications can block absorption of B12, one I know many on here take, Gabapentin.

i googled Gabapentin vitB12 and found this site, which lists the supplements that are recommended when taking Gabapentin - thought it might be useful - again - no info on this possible side effect of gabapentin when discussing my possible vitamin deficiencies ( which he said was nonsense, and had to argue with him just to get the vitb12 test - he refused to do foliate, vit D or anything else)

Hope this is useful:

Big Hugs


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I am vit b12 deficient and not on any meds. So is my son,daughter, sisters, brother, neices , nephews and mum. ( we are part ofa gentuc study as they have never known so many un one family to be vit b12 deficient but nine of us have pernisous amnimia( not sur if spelt right as tired) ) its is an auto imune deficiency. we have other auto imune things too


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