Just had my Tribunal

Well , ive had my tribunal for the second time today , the first one wanted more medical records , I lost , I feel guilty that I could have done it better , but im only summarising , I think if id only a week to live , id fail .I read all these stories with people with bad disabilities failing and when it happens to yourself its gut wrenching , I suffer with depression brought on again by these so called assessments , I also have cervical myelopathy , problems with my legs ulcerating , and breathing problems , ive had a limp since I started with spinal problems , even the fusing of my C5 & C6 hasn't cured it , I get a works pension and DLA , im now terrified ill lose my DLA , this government is scum , and when Clegg says a fair society , I ask who for , I have also found out that labour was going to bring the same changes before they got kicked out , so what I have to say is our elected politicians are basically scum .

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  • Gentle hugs. Wish I could say something that makes you feel better but I know I can't :-(



  • This is a caring site , would you like to give the government some tips .

  • so sorry these tests are so unfair you need to be an expert in benefits to win. sending you hugs I wish it could be more sue.xxx

  • so sorry to hear about this duc I myself hv just sent off my forms which was more like a book f my pip god nos how I will go on my son had to fill it in f me as iv a lot of pain in my hands now with fibro im so stressed out with it all I agree with u the government is scum we need it more than anyone do we get it no keep yr chin up glo100

  • Hello glo Make sure that you supply them with proof of all diagnosis in written form signed by a doctor. Good luck and hugs sue

  • Hi Jeff1958

    I just wanted to wish you luck as you haven't had this decision yet have you? So we will all keep our fingers crossed for you! There are a lot of horror stories about relating to people being turned down for their benefits and it really doesn't sound fair.

    Have you ever read the novel, Animal Farm'? In the book it says that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others! I think this is how to approach any politician regarding benefits.

    Take care and good luck


  • Yes ive had my decision , I lost .

  • I am so sorry to hear that! Is there no chance of mounting a defense against their decision? I sincerely hope that you do not lose your DLA as well. From what I understand the guidelines for DLA are different and it is based on your actual disability and not suitability for employment.

    You take care my friend and the best of luck

    Ken .

  • It took me weeks to fill my forms in, I answered each question as if it was the only question, previously I had my benefit reduced because I assumed they had read other answers and I didn't need to put the same answers in every question, when speaking on the phone to the official I was told it if it wasn't on specific answers I would have monies stopped or reduced, so now it's repeat, repeat, repeat

  • I like to think of myself as a slightly learned man , but the forms are there for you to fail , over complicated and confusing .

  • I am so sorry you have lost. They don't make things easy, do they. Is there any point in getting help with the form filling and trying again? I think they are so convinced we are all just pointless scourgers they refuse help just because we forgot a full stop at the end of a sentence. :-(

    Gentle hugs


  • Jilly that form could have been simplified , its a minority that are scroungers , we are victims .

  • Hi Jeff, from what i have read from people who briefly worked at atos, the whole system is designed to fail us on purpose,, i know thats no consolation to you at the moment. I have had my DLA stopped and it has had a huge impact on my health. Im praying for a change of government.

  • Sorry Labour wont undo what this lot have put in place , what annoys me is Clegg shouting a fair society , who for ?

  • Who listens to clegg, he behaves like a lap dog, barking out his owners orders. I think labour will alter the format, i dont believe anyone will reverse the whole benefit changes.

  • I don't know how you feel , but when you look at the three main political parties not one of them is worth voting for , and as much as I hate saying it , I just cannot see Milliband as prime minister material .

  • Oh my god im due to go any

  • Plus im waitin for pip decisicion I realy feel fr u x

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