Today I had my DLA Tribunal

I applied for DLA in January 2013 and had been denied it, I asked for reconsideration and eventually it went to tribunal as I had the bit between my teeth and did not give up. Today 18 July 2014 (18 months on) I had my tribunal and WON. I have been awarded high rate mobility and low rate care. It was a nightmare and the panel did reduce me to tears, it is all so frustrating. 19 months ago my husband passed away, then my Mum 3 months later, then in February this year a transit van demolished my living room by driving through my cottage and I have been struggling with my osteoarthritis, hypermobile joints and fibromyalgia. It was such a relief to know that finally these people believe I am disabled... If you are fighting the DWP for whatever benefits please don't give up. I used Fightback 4 Justice which I came across on Facebook. Michelle from Fightback took up my fight on my behalf helping me with everything and she was amazing, in fact without her support I would have given up. It is just such a relief I am tired out now... Gentle hugs everyone and thank you all for your support on the forum. It is nice to know you are all here even if I don't post a lot, I do read the posts x

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  • Hi Mistyang

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us all, I can genuinely imagine how emotional this victory must be for you. I am so delighted that you have achieved this and hopefully it will inspire other members to carry on with their fight for what they are entitled too.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • YES. I am so pleased for you after all that you have been through. If anyone deserves it you do. now you simply need time to recover.

    Is your lovely home back to normal yet ? I hope so you need some peace, not builders making a row.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Well done what a brilliant outcome. Xgins

  • thank you all x Ang

  • So glad you got some good news. My claim for DLA also took 18 months and 2 tribunals and was really stressful but I didnt give up and also won only until next year but I will fight them again if I have to. We dont always have the energy but we must fight on to get our entitlements . If the DWP and ministers stood a day in our shoes we wouldnt have to go through this nightmare to get help to deal with daily living. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • hi mistyyang you have had a tough time lately but you have won your . appeal which is great news hope fully your home will be rebuilt now so you can get so rest.x

  • Thanks for sharing that good news Mistyang, take care of yourself. x

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you and thank you very much for the contact that you are willing to share. It is very kind of you and I will pass on the word around about it. Enjoy your rest, you truly deserve it! :-D

  • Congratulations and sorry for all you've been thru x

  • thank you all for your lovely comments... I will update you once the cottage is all in one piece again, I am expecting plasterers this next week and in the next week or so new front door and windows... It feels like its taking forever which I suppose 5 months is a long time xx Gentle hugs

  • Well done Mistyang, great result. I had mine denied twice I'm now fighting for pip!! After all you've been through give yourself a gentle hug for not giving up. So sorry for ur very sad losses. Xxxc

  • Hello Mistyang, congratulations on winning your tribunal, so now is the time to sit down and rest. You have gone through such a major trial, not only for the hard work, but the sheer stress of the whole situation. May your joints relax, the OA calms downm and all th epain goes down to a better level, great job and sheer determination, ttfn

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