Tribunal Appeal Decision

So posty came this morning,and decided to leave me with my appeal decision,OMG GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it,i had a big FAT NOOOOOOO to both mobility and DLA itself,so i'm pretty peed off,it's my Birthday also today and it's been a painful,boring day yet again and i hate people who deal with the DLA Appeals,i wonder how they would cope if they had ME & Fibro and everythin soddin else.

Going to scoff some sweeties now to cheer me up,hope everyone is well,i go doctors this comming Thursday about going to see seizure specialist and also a pain clinic,they may think they have won round 1,but just wait til i really fire up in round 2 on a fresh application for DLA.

Hugs to All. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJules

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  • sorry to hear that juliann :(

    and happy birthday !!!!!!! though :-D

    hope you enjoy your sweeties ,and youve defo got the right attitude hun

    gentle hugs xxxx

  • Thankyou Lynz,i did enjoy my sweeties too much,made me feel sick LOL

    never mind it was worth it,hope ye well tonight hun. hugs to you.xx

  • Hi Julieann.....Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear julieann, happy birthday to you!

    Sorry you had to have bad news on your big day from the DLA etc, but you go girl on round 2. You can do it!!! Everyone here will be behind you.

    Hope the rest of the day has been better for you than when the postman arrived.


  • Hi hun,LOL awww bless ye hun,thankyou so much.

    I am going to show them i mean business next round and i swear i shall be insisting that they gather more info into fibro and me syndrome as they know sod all!!

    Hugs to you hun.xx

  • soooo sorry to hear about your appeal, what a day to receive the letter.

    I'm guessing you didnt have a great birthday, so I'll send you hugs instead of birthday wishes xx ((((hug)))

  • ohh i am so sorry tio hear that but you arent done yet you go for iyt girl dont let the B !!!!!!S get you down i dont like swearing or that word so wont spell it or would not want to upset anyone i think thats what they say isnt it?

    anyway i think you should get appeal in but dont rush it make sure you check double check and triple check your answers and maybe go see your gp to see if they can help you love to you diddle x

  • Hiya hun, dont worrry about the swearing,should of heard me when i opened letter,i think all neighbours could!!LOl

    Lets hope round 2 will be better.xx

  • Hello Julieanne,

    It took 2 long hard battles during 2 long years for me to finally get DLA for my Fibro & P.T.S.D. et al - So go for it! Round 2 won't know what hit them! :-)

    Gentle hugs x

  • Hello Cadee

    It's a long pain staking game and is making me so tired with it all every time,finding the strength to go on is hard but i wont let them beat me into the ground anymore.

    Hugs to you hun.xx

  • happy birthday sorry bout ur bad news...i havnt got my date 4 appeal but dreadin it...not many seem 2 b successful un fortunetly...keep goin and gud luck...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thankyou hun,i feel for you and wish you the very best of luck and hope you win. hugs to you

  • Happy birthday Julieann you keep on fighting that's the attitude to adopt with dla appeal,just keep pestering them until they listen. Enjoy the rest of your day love and hugs squidley

  • Thankyou hun,i intend to do my best,hugs to you

  • Thankyou Lynn,i shall be gathering all my reports ready for round 2 although i have little strength left in me,well how i feel tonight anways.

    Spent most of night yesterday in A&E with mother-in-law and didnt get home till 4.30am from 8pm. I am exhausted and my knees are burning and killing me,my legs feel like led weights and my IBS has decided to show itself again after 2 years of been IBS free. I have cramps in stomache and my arms hurt and headaches are driving me nuts just lately.

    I shall look on the fibroaction as i think i may need some help as i am terrible at wording things with fibro fog moments and forget what i am doing so much.

    Thanks again hun,xxx

  • Happy birthday although a bit late in the day, and good luck with round 2 we are in your corner xxx

  • Thankyou so much,hugs to

  • Happy birthday Julieann, sorry its a late one.

    Sorry to hear your DLA was refused, its a nightmare trying to fight the system but don't let them get away with it, you must keep on trying. Take care, Love Angela xx

  • Thanks hun,i will try my best,hugs to you .xxxx

  • sorry to hear about your appeal babes its a real downer i know cause its hard enough to cope with these things and not its as though they don't believe you that you are suffering with it. please don';t let it get you down too much love i know its easier said than done but. you may be able to appeal again i think. good luck with everything love.XXXXX

  • Thankyou so much hun,hugs to you.xxxxx

  • i won after 3 yrs of trying, i got it finaly and they backdated it a yr as that yr i was fighting it. i got full mobility and low care..i had the car as withpout it i cant go out.ive now got the pack coming for the changover to the new thing ...i just have won also the new d.l.a for 3 yrs in feb just ive got to fight all over dreading loosing the advise is to start again new aplication, and a letter off everyone who deals with occ therapist, pain clinic and specialist and send a letter off them with yr new aplication..the best of luck.xx

  • Hi Hun,thanks for your advice and i am glad you won and got what you deserve,i am seeing gp tomoz and insisting i see pain clinic and seizure specialist also.

    Hugs to you hun,xxxxxjules

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