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DLA update

Just thought id update people i got my DLA through i didn't need to appeal in the end just the letter from my hubby seems to have done it so now i can get a scooter so i can get out and about much easier and get back to some normality so that's my good news people there is hope with the system if you have persistence. Bad bit is with lots of stress and court appearances with my son for assault on me over Easter im having the worst flair up ive had to date but i know there is light at the end of the tunnel cos it will stop eventually and i know im not the only one suffering and im sure that some of u are worse than me

gentle hugs people have a good relaxing Sunday x

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hi hunny hope you got the court sorted with your son

and i hope you have sorted things out with him to a way that you are not frightend to have him in your house and feel safe to be in the same room just you and him

and i am just so pleased you have got your dla scour one for the littel man

it is about time one of us have wone good for you and hope your scooter is fab

if you don't mind me asking how long did it all take you can tell me to mind my own buisness or inbox or just say go away

thing is i got the letter saying we have got your form on thursday so just a idea

on how long and what i will have to go throu

:) soft hugs and you take care you don't over do things whith your new found independens

so soft hugs from me to you :)


my form went in on the 1st feb and then after 7 weeks was declined but then called and hubby wrote letter to say wot he does for me and they just awarded it on thurs. but i went and got help to fill in the form from the george hardwick foundation i think it helps to get someone in the know to fill it in try the cab or check what help u have in ur area hun

gentle hugs :)


what do you do when your doctors just dont seem to provide any support with this? i live on my own and have to cope with life as best i can. have applied and been to appeal for dla and have been unsuccessful. CAB have told me there is nothing i can do about that application and i have to reapply. my doctor told me the other day that dla is for people who need help dressing and getting about! if i dont get dressed i cant get out to do food shopping etc. and fibro symptoms fluctuate! frustration and anxiety just increasing


Thats brilliant news :)

I am so pleased for you, it just shows that are some applications getting through.

Enjoy your scooter.

hugs, kel xxx


well glad your got it i cant believe your son would attack you that is awful love to you diddle x


Cab filled mine in in half an hour so heres hoping


hi iv jus bin informed by a friend about this site, i hav fybro myalgia and poly myalgia (wud av to get both ha thats me greedy). this is my first time on here im not quite sure wot im doing but will get thre


Welcome Tracey

Have a look at the blogs, have a look at the questions, follow the threads and answer any you wish you. Also go onto Ask a question and rewrite your message - you will get more replies that way!

Soft hugs


Hi from me tracy, glad you joined xxx


so pleased that you got awarded dla that is real good news this with your son if you bth want to put it behind you it is possible its not easy ive been threw it with my son but now we have spoken about it and then we drew a line under it and it isnt mentioned in conversation now but it is difficult hun and it is possible love and gentle hugs



Hello Wanita

Hope things settle down for you now so you can enjoy life.

Might I suggest you get a scooter through the Mobility Scheme? Its just that they give a great service in that they sort the insurance, road tax [if you want one that does that] come and service it for you and talk through which one is best for your circumstances too.They deliver the scooter to your home having checked your pavement conditions to see which is the most suitable. They also have to assess your fitness as to which is best for you. If you are out and something goes wrong you can contact the RAC who then pick you and the scooter up and take you home!

Whichever one you get and whether you get one this way or not, do get one with suspension! Mine has and the pavements still give me huge jolts!

Some general advice about using a scooter:

Take things steady when you go out. You need to look ahead and make sure you can get off the pavement you are on! Sometimes the pavement can run out and you have missed the last chance to get off it! If that happens, sit sideways whilst you reverse!! Otherwise you could end up in the gutter. Thankfully this does not happen often, the pavement problem I mean.

You will end up with your own routes to get places, but you also need to watch for driveways that begin at the garden - they tend to slope steeply and you will have to lean into them.

The best thing to do I have found, is find your route to the main road and use this to get to where you are going as all the pavements should have dropped curbs. Cycle paths are fantastic too! Obviously watch out for bikes, but the ride is smooth and fun! Sometimes getting you to where you want to go with the least trouble. :)

I do hope I am not putting you off! I love taking my dog out for a long walk. I can even get to places where its safe to let her run free! I have even driven into Tescos and shopped in mine! Mine is a bit bulky but if they dont have one of their own I have no choice! I also have better manouverability using mine. Anyway you can also get ones that fold up and go into the boot of a car! Wish mine did! Anyway thats my problem for being such a big woman!

I decided to bling my machine up too by adding a car seat cover - but its not rain proof so I have to take a bin bag in case I get caught out in a downpour! I also have a little see through cover for the controls - really needed it last week when the heavens opened! I don't usually go out in the rain and its not recommended.

Using a scooter is great fun - and you do not have to spend all of your DLA money on it either!

If you have DLA you can also claim VAT exemption on mobility equipment. I have a sock sheath - it helps me reach my feet and pull up my socks! Or tights. A grabber which I use to get the socks out of the washing machine so I don't have to bend and twist! Which I can't do. A stool to get up into the bath for a shower. A long handled poop scoop to sort out my dogs leavings. A stool for the kitchen so I can cook etc. Not all of these are VAT free or from the mobility shop, but they are useful and can be listed as things you need when claiming DLA. I have the mobility allowance not the living allowance as I do not need a carer they say. Thats kind of true, but not all of the time.

Fortunately I am still able to work with the help of Access to Work, but thats another story.

You take care of yourself and if you want to message me I can chat to you about all of this on a one to one basis.

Soft hugs


thanks Sarah-Jane i am looking into one through mobility as think its more practical at this time for me.

thanks everyone for ur thoughts and support

gentle hugs x




So pleased you got your DLA. Good luck with your scooter. love helen xx


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