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New to here!

Hello, i am new to this an just been diagnosed with fibro, me/cfs although im only 41 my GP an myself think ive had me/cfs since my late teens just not to this degree.

i am still trying to get my head round this an the fact that my 'old life' is not possible now, wot with my mobility probs , fatigue, constant pain an brain fog and now on top of all of this im also aving to fight for my DLA an to be put in the support group for my ESA (had been in wrag for last 2 yrs because of my anxiety/chronic depression) but as of 30th April this lovely goverment think i just dont need it anymore, so im asking for them to reconsider AGAIN !!!

I have been reading through this site and i feel so much better that im not in this alone and that there are lots of like minded people out there with lots of advice xx

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Hi Hilly,

Welcome to this frienly fun and informative site, exscuse spelling its the Fibro, I too have Fibro and lots of others!! I love your photo where is it somewhere exotic?

Why when we are in constant pain and exaustion do we have to do battle for what we should be able to claim, and they make it so difficult with all the form filling too!!!

Soft Hugs,

Sue x x x


hello ,

like you my GP think i might have had ME/CFS for years but never picked up but only had Fibro and few months

i'm in the middle of appealing agaist ESA , who want me to return to work in the next 12 months (what i joke i don't even leave my house )

can't even get DLA but about to try for the second to see if i can get it .

i wish you all the best x


Hi Hilly

Welcome, I only joined yesterday, & its certainly made my mind feel better (not much hope for the body though!) Lol.

Because it's invisible & doesn't show up on blood tests, people still think it's not real.....but unfortuneatly we know different & seem to have to fight for everything, when most of the time we haven't got the energy to fight our way out of the proverbeal paper bag!!!

PS I used to be a good speller! Lol!

Gentle hugs xx


Hi Hilly and a very warm welcome,

This group is great, friendly and very helpful.

You will never feel alone there is always someone to help or chat to

I am sure you will enjoy the group

Take care


Penny xx


omg i already feel like i 'belong' somewhere now, my 'before' fibro friends seem to have slowly left me behind! so a great big ThankU im so glad i found this site xx


hi and a really warm welcome to you i am 46 and have been diagnosed since last july this site has given me so much support and so much help and advice and most of all you are never alone and dont feel like it is in your head love toy ou diddle x


dame here cfs and fibro dx with cfs 3yrs ago fibro early this yr, but \ive been told Ive probably had it for 30yrs, thank god I found this site, it is helping me learn to cope


hello .

a warm welcome to you iv had this since 1999 and fought the dla for 4yrs which i eventuallty won going to 2 appeals ,wasnt pleasant and made me very small ,but on the bright side with help from docters and hospital letters i won and got it , im only 46 myself ,

you are not alone on here every one been very helpfull and plenty of advice to .

hugs to you xxx


Hi hilly, its lovely to meet you. :)

I hope you enjoy this site as much as i do.

hugs, kel xxx


Well i am new to this today, and i have had this for years. It is nice to be able to see that we are not alone with this. It is hard to make peolpe under stand about it

I just tell them they are not in my boby. well nice to speak to you.


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