pain in my feet

i have been getting a lot of pain in my feet lately its so bad some days i can't walk . I have swollen ankles too the pain is so bad in my feet and ankles i feel sick with it . When im walking it feels like im walking on stones with out any shoes i cant walk right anymore i walk with a limp, its the only way i can get about . When i go down stairs i have to put my foot down first then my left and that every step . i feel like a old woman and im only 47 . Ive had fibro for nearly 3 years now and i find its getting worse .

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  • hi chambers

    i suffer with pain in my feet and saw my gp and they told me it is painful neuropathy i am a diabeteic and it is common , but nobody told me about this, i would make a pointment with your gp and get it checked out as it sounds simular to my pain (it could be something else completely you need to get it checked out asap) i also have rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis aswell as the dreaded fibro , hope this bit of advice helps xx take care xx

  • I'd definately go see your gp especially if your ankles swell too.

    I have pain in my feet and I have special insoles which really help, maybe asking your gp about getting these would help.

  • thank you theresa67 and coco68 i have made appointment to see my gp a week tomora i go away for a few days thats why it for then thank you for your replies i will let you know what he say ok xxxxx

  • Hia Chambers

    Yes this is a problem!

    Having same issues i bought insoles but not always very good.

    Its balls and heels of feet and really does hurt.

    What meds are you taking and have you asked your Dr about relief etc xxxx

    Hope you get some comfy insoles or bouncy shoes to help!!! Xxx

  • oh i thought i was alone with this my friends..

    the very first time i had pain with this illness was down my both thighs at the front... it then progressed into everywhere. sometimes its here and there or all over.. but.... the last month its been my ankles, even in bed the pain is terrible... i can walk slowely due to other bits hurting but this is taken over my life.....i feel as if my ankles are broken.. the pain is so bad.. anyone else have this problem or am i alone xx

  • i have pain all down my legs which is when i know i am going to have a huge problem with my feet rather than the normal problems which are still painful but not as bad (if that makes sense!)

    when i feel the pain coming i try and lay down with my legs elevated, sometimes works, sometimes doesnt but may be worth a try for you if you havent already. i think the sudden changes in the weather make me worse as well. where i live it was boiling hot yesterday so rain most of the day today!


  • hi chambers, i am 26 and i have this also. i had an appointment with the rhuematoid specialist and my feet and ankles were very swollen at the time and i have to walk on the sides off my feet when this happens which is still very painful. she reasured me that for me it was just soft tissue swelling rather than anything serious but of course this could be different in every person so defo get checked out. sadly i havent found anything that helps me yet other than crawling up the stairs and going down on my backside!

    hope you get some answers


  • You've just described my feet pains exactly. Ive had fibro app 6-7 yrs now and as well as the every day dull ache tingle throbbing and humming sensations in various arts of the body, i find my hands and feet my most problamatic area. Somedays im unable to put my feet on the ground due to feeling that im walking on a mixture of gravel rocks and glass- weird sensation nd complete agony. When my feet are particularly sore i bathe them in a bowl of hot water filled with epsom salts (which is believed to draw out toxins) elevate them using a poufee, and wear pressure bandages and well padded shoes. Ive recently picked up a tip on here where a lady with similar problems freezes a soft plilable bottle filled with water ( I find the bottle that robinsons squash comes in a perfect fit for the job) cover it with a sock and then place foot/feet on top and roll bottle back and forward beneath the foot.

    Like all fibros ive assumed its just an other symptom to add to the weird and painful collection but after reading the advice given by others im gonna get it checkedout by gp in case its indicative of something else and requires a different kind of treatment. Anyways hope u find something to ease ur pain as i can sympathise with you in relation to not only the pain which is simply horrendous) but also the impact on your ability to walk. Im sure like me you feel like an o.a.p. which isnt good wen ur still a young pup :-) im 42 and used to lov zumba, latin american dancing and salsa now a good day for me is being able to walk for 10 mins - pain free!!! Awww well perhaps i will dance again one day - I live in hope :-) take care and warm hugs )))))((((( Dixie

  • I'm like that with my feet but I have diabetes too so can't tell if ts the fribro or that...but mine burn & pins + needles swell aswell but then everything aches so I just het on with it some days I can't walk I've had this now for 17yrs + getting worse so hope you feel better soon xxx

  • hey fibro buddies

    i thought i was alone with this pain with feet and hands and ankles ant thighs i now know i am not phewwwww x x take care xx

  • Hi I,ve had very painful feet for 4 years now.some days I,ve crawled on all fours as it hurts too much to stand.had steroid injections in them too.I have been told its part of Fibromyalgia so my dancing days are over for now,so are heeled shoes going for long walks standing too long and painful climbing stairs too.I do feel for you as you need your feet for so many things in life.My ankles swell so much I cant get shoes on but I try to get on with life as much as I can so gentle hugs to you.xx

  • All this , the tips on what to do, has been very helpful ! I have just come back from my evening stroll around the block and despite the fact that I wear big trainers my feet are killing me, it really was a grit your teeth and get on with it sort of walk. Because this fluctuates in intensity with me I have not asked for any sort of advice and was actually pondering whether a visit to my GP would be worthwhile . Probably not.I think I would have to be in extremis before visiting our surgery. Anyway, best wishes to everyone here . I shall go out and buy Epsoms salts tomorrow !

  • hi my name ia amanda i have had diabetes for 29 years and suffer from my feet. i have had a toe amputated last year and now have a big hole in the bottom of my foot. the pain was so bad a nearly took my life, but i saw my gp and i am now on zomorph which helps me a lot . if u want to talk let me know . amanda perkins

  • Hi fibro friends i went to doc's on monday he said hes 99% sure ive got osteoarthritis im having blood test nxt week , he said it will get worse as i get older and to lose some weight , i said your having a laugh when i cant exercise and 2 of my drugs you again weight with . I use to be a size 14 now im a 18 to 20 and just cant shift the weight xxxx

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