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My Tribunal

I went to my tribunal yesterday and it was adjourned. They never recieved my letter from the specialist neurosurgeon to say I had degenerative disc disease and Fybromyalgia, so I suppose its good really because I felt I got some compassion, even though they told me to be quiet twice because the rep from the DWP spoke utter bullshit, saying I hadnt seen a specialist for my back or a specialist for my waterworks problem, I have obviously, so the Judges ordered that I have my GP notes sent to them from 01/01/2010, and I have my ESA appeal heard along side my DLA appeal and I have to have a home visit from a DLA doctor. I feel this can only be good for me. I just wondered if anyone has had a DLA doctor home visit? Im a little worried because he may come on a good day, what do I have to do? Would love to hear your comments! Sue x

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Hi Sue I had a DLA Dr call at my house twice, the first time the lady told me I had to walk to the end of our road and I was in agony but she said well you are doing well etc and I never got DLA. Then I applied again and a Dr came to the house and my carer said you must answer the questions as you would on a bad day. tell them as it is. He was very nice and I said I can't walk without pain at all. So he said well we won't make you do it if your going to be in pain. I got DLA that time and now I don't have to have medicals! ( not sure about the new ATOS thing, maybe I will have to have one )

Good luck with it all

Gentle hugs



Hi sue i am awaiting on atos assessment results coming bk to me,i hd test just over two weeks ago,And the more i read these stories the more angry and upset i gt at atos.They seemto be a law unto them selfs.And causing so much anxieties in people unnecessarily.But we have to blame a lot of this on the government.I would like to c how much its costing them with all the appeals.Also wat it is costing in peoples mental health. I just want to wish you all the best. n i will keep my fingers crossed for you,n everyone who is in this awful situation just now..hugs fee xx


I have had a home visit but manyyears ago. it resulted in me winning my tribunal and that doctor was sacked for falsifying documents, he got me to sign a blank form to say he had been. Then he filled it in when he went home etc and that made it look liked I had agreed to him writing that I was fine. But that was a long time ago. I wish you well for it xxxxx


I had one , she wrote I could walk 400 / 600 yards unaided . I use a stick cos I fall and have to stop start all the time . Am in constant pain and told her all this . Cos I can dress myself , I struggle and my husbsnd passed away in Jsn used to do it got me , but as not here can't any more . I still got turned down . Don't know what else I can do . Have appealed again now to tribunal . And can only hope .


I did, but it was many years ago. think it's all changed since then, but I only claimed the mobility component back then. the doctor was lovely, so I thought I would be lucky. but like most new claims they turned me down, I asked them to review it and I was and was awarded for life???? how did they work that one out I don't know. I used to work back then too, but struggled. I have recently, like many others been advised by the CAB to ask for a review of the care component as they feel anyone with low care needs are going to lose out when PIP comes in next year. all I can say is that I am worse now than when I first claimed so if they turn me down that's anther appeal they will have to deal with!

I do feel sorry for the staff who are working on these claims now as it's not their fault the government has moved all the goalposts so to speak.

I wish you luck with your claim xxx


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