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lady came from the council at 10 this morning as i applied for a reduction in council tax through disa billity i did not hold out much hope though even when i filled in the 3 question on the form but i went with it she was on the dot

so good start she was really nice and really listened to me and asked alot of questions about fibro and how it affects m she was quite surprised at alot of the symptons and was really caring too and listened to what i had to say but i t basically boiled down to that i am not i na wheelchair and i have not got a wet room or room that is especially adapted for me for equipment that i need

she could see that although i strugglwe with some things the y were not enough to qyualify even if i was awarded the highest dla i would not get it as i not in wheelchair , but she said if this changes call us and we will reaccess you and i will go back and write a letter to you now explaining our desision

which i thoughtwas nice she gave me some good advice about going to dial and seeing if there are aids there that could be useful for me around the home so although i didnt get awarded anything she was a lovely kind person who most of all listened !!!! love to you diddlexx

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I am sorry Diddle! can you appeal? ask her for a wet room!!! these things seem to be postcoded which is diabolical. the whole system needs sorting and fairly applied. keep you chin up love. perhaps we ought to get together and all go to everones meetings and show these people what we go through. at least you had a pleasant meeting even if you didnt get the outcome you desired. xxx soft hugs.


Bless you it ok really i am not annoyed i really doid nt expect to get anywhere with this one but she was nice and her hands were tied but i dont need awet room yet and maybe i never will i havent got a crysrtal ball thank god but like she said if i get significantly worse ie need a wheelchair indoors then call so thats all positive in a way love to you diddle x


It's always nice when someone gets wholly involved in your case, even if the system/computer says no!

There are people behind the job after all :0)


yes she did not give the impression i was wasting her time she sat and listened to me talk about fibro and its eefects on my life daily and she was genuinly concerned i felt although it was a no for time being i had a positive visit love to you diddle x


Sorry you didn't get a positive outcome but isn't a nice to have someone understanding and at least you know where you might stand in the future should you need it, and I truly hope you don't.

Hugs Ruby xx


yes that is the way i am looking at it so it is positve in alot of ways isnt it love to you diddle x


At least you got a positive response from her and a suggestion of where you could go for help. It could have been a slap in the face!!. xx


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