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I have been turned down for DLA even aftehaving had a DR in my own home. If it is not too personal to ask can you please tell me if you an walk/how far/do you use any aids, do you work? drive? how much help do you need preparing food? how much help do you need during the night? do you fall? Can you bath yourself etc. I have been turned down for silly, silly reasons that any able bodied person can easily do but which makes my day much harder. Thank you in advance for your help

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  • You have to answer these forms based on your 'Worst day'... also have you tried asking CAB for help. They ask you the questions and fill it in for you. This way you are sure to get through, also you need your GP to support any claim for DLA. Good Luck.. xx

  • there is a website called Benefit and Works that is a great help when completing forms for claiming DLA or ESA. I have used it for both and got awarded both, I have just had my DLA renewed indefinately but with the possible alterations planned by the government to DLA it may not be indefinately sadly !!!!

  • I did do it on my worst day. CLAC and a solicitor both looked over my form and said that it was excellent and that if I didn't get it they didn't know who was supposed to?? I work so I can't claim ESA. Ebony, would you mind sending me a personal message if you have the chance just outlining how bad your illness is and wat you can and or cant do so I can gauge if it does cause enough problems in my life for me to be entitled to it? You can also tell me to mind my own business if you like. Thank you both x x

  • I have filled in many forms for many people, if you email me I will help you,.


  • Hi Nicola, im new to the site and have just come a cross your question. i am in the same situation as you, i have just been turned down after a Dr came to my house, i submitted all supporting evidence i had and it still got refused.The only thing i didn't have was a supporting letter from my g.p. i have had copies of the Dr s report that came to the house,there was lots of lies in there , things i had not said, i have challenged their decision. but i have not got the C.A.B. onto it , but im not holding out much hope. i hope you get it sorted out, its so unfair.

  • that hapend to me also,,load of things the dr put in the report that i didnt say..i lost the appeal as they said i could use a comade by the bed in the night, even though the bathroom is right oposite my bed and also i lodge with mt cousin who is a male who asists me to the bathroom....i do not want him puting me on a camode and emptying there no dignity...

  • Thanks Sue, my forms were ideal, ful of information and very true. CAB and CLAC both said that there was nothing they could add, I was refused after a home visit form the DR. Thanks you x

  • When the doctor comes to your home dont bother making sure it is tidy or he will think you can tidy it urself even if you didnt.. dont wear makeup or dress nice because again he will think you are able to do all of this, they look at everything.

    I am on high rate care and mobility, i can stand for about 30 seconds to a minute i need help going to the bathroom about 2-3 times a night on average. I am unable to wash, dress and bath myself i have a carer who comes to help me with these things when my fiance is at work.

    I am unable to prepare or cut up food myself. I was turned down at the beginning and had to go to a tribunal to get my DLA!

    Good luck : )

  • Sorry forgot to mention when i walk i use crutches.. and i use a wheelchair most of the time

  • Its really not fair being put through all this. Its a shame that there are people out there who make things up to get money when it leaves us all fighting for what we are entitled to. Keep the battle up and do not give up. I was turned down and they said they would review it in four months. Within a month I was in so much pain, and so depressed about not getting out into the World I wrote them a letter whilst sobbing and telephoned them too. I asked them what on earth I was supposed to do when I could just about walk down my drive to the curb - about a car and a half length, I could stand for a minute or two, etc. I only go upstairs once a day, and thats to get to bed. I think all of that had an effect because I was awarded it and now have a mobility scooter on the scheme that uses some of this money.

    Please do not give up. You need and deserve it. Send a letter to back up everything and lay it on thick - don't lie, but tell it as it is. If there is no one around to help you - how do you cope and what are you left doing in order to cope.

    Good luck everyone.

    Soft hugs

  • ive just had my dla renewed for 3 years, i fill my forms in myself after being turned down a few times when cab filled them in. What i do is, i keep a notebook and write in it daily, how i feel, wots differnt when i sleep, or not etc. i found this so helpful when filling in the forms cos u have all the answers right in front of u. I hope u all have better luck next time u send in dla forms as it is "a must " we have dla it really is essential for daily living. Good luck

  • I've been awarded DLA mobility and care and all thanks to my GP he helped me fill in the forms wrote a brilliant detailed report and gave me the advice not to pay too much attention to the boxes that say how long does this take. His advice was to put answers such as its impossibe to say or it varies etc as no particular task takes the same amount of time each time and if they add up your minutes and its under what their guidlines say then your claim is refused. I hope this helps Good Luck and if hey say no keep appealing!!!!

  • I have had several medicals since I made my first claim for DLA but as one person mentioned you have to answer the questions how it is on your worst days. You also have to keep repeating how some things affect you on your worst days...they will try to trip you up... However, don't be put off you can appeal against the decision..But I think I would get someone to help you with your form such as the Citizens Advice Bureau. Good luck with your appeal if you decide to go down that route..I am sure you will succeed

  • i sent in a detailed claim back in september with photcopies of all the reports and hospital visits id had , in my ignorance i waited til january to hear about my claim to be told when i rung them that they hadnt received my claim even though id had my local dhss envelope to send my claim in ,it took so much out of me to keep my concentration to make the original claim that ive yet to repeat all of this , since september my health has detiorarated so much i know have to write a supporting letter too . in my original claim i requested a home visit but now i have to travel by bus , train , walk and tube to an asssessment centre on monday i feel to be judged by a stranger with who knows what knowledge of fm .

  • I just wonder how you are able to continue to work, but think you are eligible for DLA?

  • This is the Disabled LIVING Allowance - nothing to do with work. Its help for you to bath, get dressed, get out say around the shops, to the hairdresser, to the cinema whatever.

    Are you saying LadyAngua that because we are disabled and cannot walk far without a cane/wheelchair, cannot get out unless driven, have no money for that taxie to the hairdressers that we should stay in, stay away from society?

    Why should we not be allowed to work and pay our way? Why should we claim unemployment when we can work? Okay to a more limited degree than some, but some work can be possible.

    We are disabled. We live trying to cope and manage our illness. Some suffer more than others, but depression brought on through not socialising, not getting out into the sun, thats okay is it?

    Claiming the DLA for some means that they are accepted as disabled, can get the blue badge, use some of the small amount of money to help them get a wheelchair/scooter/car so they can get out and not be hidden away, can get to work and work as I do - I am a teaching assistant not a manual worker - I use my brains, humour and knowledge whilst coping with my pain and discomfort.

    Your statement seems very blunt and misses the point of the DLA.

  • thank you tried e mailing you , dont know whats going on with my e mail sorry .im feeling wiped out right now maybe all the stress of the assesment ,

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