ESA... and DLA help???

what i am confused about is.. i am on incapacity and although i have heard about the change, i have never had a letter or any info from them.... also.... how can they take u off incapacity, then say ur not entitiled to ESA, i am on high mobility and high care on DLA... my brother in law who is also the same has his ESA taken off him.. but still gets his high mobility and high care DLA, how can they get away with this... the entitilement for high care on DLA is u need constant help, need help during the night and help with all ur care,,, which i need... so how can they say on one hand ur entitled to one but not the other.. it just does not make sense does it????

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  • When you've worked it out please let me know cos although I am only on medium care with high mobility they have taken me out of the support group for ESA and into the work related group hence I no longer get ESA! Apparently although I can't wash my own hair, go to the bathroom alone at night, etc etc I am fit to go to work.


  • bloody ridiculous, how there getting away with it.. i will keep fighting when they take me off mine... cause they will... i will go to the papers.. i will sleep at no 10 door step lol.. ok ok i wish i could.. but.. its terrible eh xx


  • i am 49 but fell 99!!!!!!! know what u mean though thank u so much for replying xxx

  • from what i can see so far once they get you off esa then sometime later they have a go at taking your dla off you,thats why they are bogged down with appeals.

  • steve... its so bad.. we cant let them away with this.. we have to fight.. i would love to work.. would love to have a life.. but i dont.. so cant see how they can expect me or others suffering to live off nothing... thanks to everyone xx

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