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can i get some decent advise before i self combust

so i am appealing against being in work related esa, i will be seen after july at some point (making it a years wait)not only do i have fibro,i have myo fascial pain ,spondylosis and a few other problems also,i am in a union so when the time comes i will have a rep with me and my partner he is my unpaid carer,i can't walk far and find everyday a struggle i am really stressed out about going to the appeal,i hate the fact you get told you look alright what has that got to do with how you feel?or your pain?any advice?

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Please dont self-combust!? who will clear up the mess?!

Below is the link to the page which covers esa.

it shows the criteria they they assess us on.

the actual criteria starts on p17. but read it all, go away calm down, get a cuppa and THEN go back to it.

On first sight it will appear a daunting task. but lets not forget its a government doc so why would it be simple!!

go through all the criteria and word your answers around their criteria.

Think positive because on that website they actually acknowledge that FM is real

take care and enjoy your cuppa! lol



Have you read this information as well?


thans just been on the site will go have another look alto to take in in one go especially when your head is like sieve love diddle x


I went to appeal and tribunal and then back to re-appeal. With the help of CAB I was evetually awarded DLA. It took some time but I fought for my rights and won in the end. Get help from someone who knows how the system works.


ColetteH. this is heart-warming..i am so happy for you and relieved to hear your fantastic news after such a long hard 'slog' I am at present being accused of being in a 'couple' which could not be further than the truth! All my benefits have been stopped! I am in the process of losing my rented property because H/B and I/S REFUSE TO PAY ME UNLESS I ADMIT TO BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP...I am not.I have been requested to complete a Re-Claim form for H/B but to add my partner, i do not have one! But unless i add this individual, they refuse to pay me! I am severely disabled and have a dependant of 4years old..Any help/advice would be so very much appreciated...does anyone here know where i can get some good solid and sound advice??? x


Hiya dorsetali, just read your blog and was wondering how things went?

I was in a similar situation, my unpaid carer moved in 2 years after my husband died. I was told that even if we sleep in seperate rooms that we are still considered a couple if we sit and eat together, shop for two etc., it seemed very silly and we were not believed so we claimed as a couple.

If that person is residing at your premises then they have to be declared - one way or another - or you are breaking the law.

I am not sure about having a dependant as I have avoided having children as not to carry on my faulty genetics (don't want to pass on this pain), but keeping that roof over your heads is very important.

Sorry I couldn't help more. xxx


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