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Shoulder pain yet again

I suffer from a shoulder impingement and had an injection back in Oct, 3 months on its back to square on and i have to go for another injection. This on top of the fibro is causing so much pain, sleep is non existent, painkillers work for a short while, don;t want to take anything that makes me sleepy, so looks i am stuck with it until i get this next jab, which i am not looking forward to.

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Hi Linda, I am wondering whether you have had an X-ray or ultrasound of your shoulder and whether or not you have been referred to an orthopaedic specialist, to get your diagnosis of impingement. I suffered for nearly three years with chronic shoulder pain, in my left shoulder . Initially I was told it was "just another piece in the jigsaw" of my fibro :o I was having steroid injections which were becoming less and less effective, I was in complete agony with the referred pain almost immobilising me. I then asked to be referred back to the shoulder consultant who I had seen previously. He saw me in the late October and he attempted to move my arm, which was virtually impossible, then an X-ray which when he looked at on his computer he completely changed his attitude, I had, as I had thought all along, got arthritis, and now I was "bone on bone". The Professor was horrified and very apologetic , he didn't think it would have advanced anywhere near as quickly as it had. Unfortunately he was going away to Australia to visit family and didn't want to operate on me and then not be there if I had problems (I have a blood clotting disorder similar to haemophilia called Von Willebrands ) so I had to struggle on until he came back in the following January and I was his first patient. I had a total replacement and being younger, had what he called a hybrid, so I have not titanium, but I am now out of pain in that shoulder .... Hoorah :-) I then had an op, not by the professor! who had by then retired! and his underling did what was meant to be a decompression of an impingement of my right shoulder, but he wasn't much good and I also have arthritis in that shoulder too. I am now waiting for the right shoulder to be replaced, by a different and more experienced surgeon .

Sorry for the ramble, but I want to let you know I know exactly what you are going through and wanted to say, it may be more beneficial for you to take medications that make you sleepy, as I know all too well the hell of being in bed and being kept awake by the gnawing pain. Your doctor is only allowed to give you three cortisone injections within a twelve month period of time.

I do hope you manage to get the operation soon, and do feel free to ask me anything more, if I can be of help in any way :-)

Foggy x


Oh Foggy Dear you have been through the mill and back haven't you. Now your back may I say what a wonder you are . I hope you are not too bad at the moment and thank you for writing so lucidly about your shoulder ops fingers crossed this year will be better for you !! xxxgins


Oh dear, I probably shouldn't have been as lucid as that, it just came tumbling out.....note to self....engage brain and put on censor mode before replying , sorry :o but thank you gins, I hope this year will be better for all of us here !!



I also have fibro and have a shoulder impingement. Try going back to your dr and ask to be referred to orthopedic for assessment. I am going into hospital next month to have it repaired as the injections did not work for me.


I also suffered from shoulder pain,frozen shoulder.then damaged my shoulder leaning heavily on my walking stick,I have steroid injections in my shoulder or hip,and also down my spine,due to fibromyalgia,arthritis,osteoporosis,and spndylosis of my gervical and lumber spine.Been having these injections 18+ years.if ineed my hip and spine injecting i use a cordless tens on my shoulder and find this helps.They can be bought on line for £30 ish.Hope this is of use to you,Good Luck.Sparky-21


This popped out at me in my email this morning. I'm currently trying to track down the cause of my shoulder pain. Any use of my right arm aggravates it. Saw spine/neuro doc after this started with intense pain in back/pinched nerve which went on for 2 weeks. MRI's showed no pinched nerves but pain continues in shoulder and down my arm. Typing sends pain up into my shoulder. Pain killers do nothing for me. I can't take NSAID's, but natural anti-inflammatories help a little. Icy hot patches and ice help most of all. But, it does leave me unable to do much.


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