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Neck and shoulder pain


Hi I have chronic pain all over my body but quite alot of the time the worse pain is in my neck and shoulders, I cant wait to see if my dr can give me either oramorph or morphene, as I am on loads of medication, for anti depression, galbapentin, was on zapain but that wasnt strong enough, so was put on tramadol which the dr said was the last thing to try, as id been on every combination. Some people on hereasked if I had had oramoph or morphene suggested by the dr, which I havent. I just feel like crying in the evenings I am just so frustrated with being in pain and unhappy all the time.

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I can relate to you my shoulder been bad for a few days now I am on morphine mst it's called been on tablets since Feb but was on patches before but had illergic reaction to them I stopped taking gabapentin and went on to pregabalin I am quite lucky I have brilliant gp talk to your doctor tell her your tablets are not working for you even though I take mine I am still in pain they only take the sharpness off it still in dreadful pain Carol ☺

Was on pregabalin that didnt work, me and my gp really have tried everything in all combinations, nothing has worked so far. I had my 3 children with no pain relief and could handle the pain, but this is different because it is 24/7 every day, I'm tired all the time, I still work but I'm on universal credit so because I'm only doing 15 hours I still have to look for full time work even though I'm not able to do full time. I get home after 3 hrs of work and I'm exhausted, there's just one thing after another.

I hope your gp can give you some meds that take care of your pain.Take care . Peck.🐤

I find the best thing when my neck/shoulders are playing up is heat, either a heating pad or hot water bottle and hot Epsom salts baths , take care

newportrita in reply to Mydexter

Yes I use those they dont really do anything for me. Thanks for reply


I have constant pain in these areas and cannot take any of the pain meds that you are taking. As I have had very bad reactions to them.

I use heat treatment, gentle massage (which does hurt but helps a bit afterwards), I then use Volterol gel as well. Volterol gel cannot be used with ibuprofen.

Some people use tens machine, have you tried that?

I do a little bit of swimming to release my shoulders and then use the jacuzzi. Nothing gets rid of it totally, but a combo of these things help to make it bearable.

It also means I don't suffer from any side effects from meds and can still drive etc.

I hope that something here might help you.

Good luck and best wishes.

Bambamsnan in reply to Hidden

I no what you mean over Meds and not being able to drive I have not driven now for nearly 12 months and I really miss it the freedom of coming and going being independent and not relying on everyone else

Take carefibropop xx

Hidden in reply to Bambamsnan

You too 👍😊

Hi newportrita

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are in pain and I was wondering if you have ever tried a TENS Machine? I have two of them and I perosnally find them quite useful. I have pasted for you below an excerpt and a link from the *NHS / Arthritis Care website about these:

*What Is A TENS

TENS machines are small, lightweight, battery operated devices that fit into the palm

of your hand. They have rubber electrodes that attach to your skin, with leads

connected to the machine. The electrodes are either self-adhesive or attach to your

skin using water-based gel and adhesive tape. They are usually positioned either side

of the area of most intense pain. You will be able to control the strength (or

‘volume’) of the current that is passed through the electrodes, with a rotary knob or

dial. Some machines have larger controls that are easier to use if your hand

movements are limited.

How can I try a TENS machine?

You can ask your doctor to refer you to a physiotherapist to try a TENS machine. If

TENS helps to relieve your pain, your physiotherapist is likely to give you between

20 minutes and a couple of hours with the machine. It may take a few sessions to get

used to. TENS can be used for one hour on, one hour off, throughout day.

NHS / Arthritis Care - TENS Machines

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Yes I have a tens machine, I didnt find that it helped, nothing seems to, I just feel frustrated.

I am so genuinely sorry to read that a TENS did not help you my friend. I was also going to suggest those orthopedic pillows (the v shaped ones). I do not know if you have tried them? Please take care of yourself.


Good day from a fellow sufferer- I too have neck and shoulder pain a lot, mine stems from Ankylosing spondiltis now in remission- my muscles often stiffen and hurt, I use a TENS machine regularly, very cheap to buy and quite affective, mine is portable and so it goes in my bag when I,m on my travels if its not already attached to me. I wonder if a physio has ever shown you how to gently stretch those sore muscles?. I used to have tramadol 50 which kept pain bearable but mostly I find aquatic therapies better, I go for hydrotherapy and twice weekly to local swimming pool and sit in the Jacuzzi and soak.

newportrita in reply to Hidden

I have had physio over the years, it did help a bit, but my shoulder had to be operated on worked for a bit now the both of them are buggered, so I find it hard to reach for things, I have trigger finger, did have an injection in it and it did work but now a few days after it was done that didnt work eithef, but not as painfull.havent had much luck health wise over the years.

Don't want to put a dampener on the tens machine which I know some swear by, but take care as not everyone can use one, I bought one but the instructions say not to use if you have an irregular heart beat which I have , so be careful.

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