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Shoulder and neck pain


Hi ev one i dont know what is causing my shoulders and neck back and arms to ache so badly but for the past few mths i feel like an elephant is sat on my shoulders i have no strenght i cant even open a bottle of milk my partner is very supportive but i feel so useless waiting to see a rhumatoligist but havnt got app till october i have pbc osteoporosis vit d defiency and suspected fibromyalgia i had what docs suspected was frozen shoulder a few mths ago but i now have these painful joints all over my body some mornings i cant walk as my left leg wont carry me and left ankle is swollen sorry for the long moany post just wondered if any of you have same thing going on xxx

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I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. When you are suffering and struggling so badly as you are, October must feel an eternity away? I was wondering if your GP has given you anything for the pain? If not I would ask?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


sophie666 in reply to TheAuthor

I cant take pain relief as i have pbc and it affects my liver i can have paracetomol with no codene and it doesnt touch the pain but just zapps any energy i have xxx

Hi Sophie, I too suffer from the elephant! Have you tried those bags that you put into the microwave, they feel a bit like bean bags and they hold the heat for a good while. I often use mine across the shoulders when I'm not taking tablets or even aswell as tablets. I find they help.

I have tried them i have a tens machine which is sometimes effective but tbh not much takes pain off thanks for your reply i hope you are feeling well today xxx

Hi Sophie, I use the freeze spray on my hot, sore throbbing joints, it works for me. Hope this helps. Heat packs don't work on me unless my I.B.S flares up. Hot water bottle on tummy does the job. X

I wish I could hold your hand and help you through the pain. Just wanted you to know that I am to listen. Right now I don't know what caused my pain. Like you I have to wait till the end of Aug. to see the rheumy also. Shall we reach out through the site to support each other. Hugs

Thankyou regnofibro1 this is a great site big hugs to you the thing with this is we dont look ill and people look with disbelief when i cant put a cardigan on or stand up even my family have suggested its all in my mind i have always been an active person and worked full time i feel at 58 too young to live like a pensioner but this is whats happening xxx

Hi Hi there you are having a rough time at moment.

we know how it feels you start with one thing and before you kow it your list of ailments sound like a shopping list.

Seeing the rheumAtologist will start of the tests to identify what you have and havent got. Make sure you mention all

the aches tingles swellings. Good luck if you have Fybro they will confirm it. Now as Ken says chat with your Doctor

about pain relief paracetamol 2 four times a day can make quite a difference.

Remember we are not Doctors and all medication must be sorted by your GP. Never try and do it alone.

I am really glad you found the site it is a brilliant supportive place full of arvelous caring Fibromites most

of us have other things wrong so experience is fantastic.


Do read up on the site and the article they are pinned on right side of page most useful;!


Volunteer Administrator


Thanks for your reply and support i feel like im moaning and gp prob thinks im imagining these pains even my eye sockets hurt theres too many to mention and sometimes i dont want to get up in the morning i have fatigue and cant sleep i just want my life back i realise there are people worse off than me and i should be thankful for the better days thanks for listening to my rants xxx

Hi sophie666 have u had a MRI scan ? Because I started with pains in my neck back arms , and legs and until I had a MRI scan my GP was treating it as a trapped nerve in my neck !! As it happens I have a very rare disease called syringomyelia and chiari malformation! Look these up not many doctors have even heard of it , there's no cure for this and it's very painful it's like burning pain inside and feels like my skin is being stretched, and terrible headaches that can keep me in bed for days . I do hope u get things sorted soon xx

Yes my r hand swollen really hurts especially along thumb muscle and pins n needles. My l is the Sam except wrist elbow and shoulder so very painful and achey I cannot lift it I tried to get something out of cupboard this morning and when I tried to grip the pain in my elbow was awful. I have fibro. And it is the same pain I get everywhere else.

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