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Suppose it's all about trial & error

Well I'm just back from the doctors getting a second opinion about taking Imipramine.

Having been off amitriptyline for 19 months I think I'm going to have to give in and go back on meds. I think I must have been in some kind of remission pain wise but I've had a very rough time with lack of sleep ,anxiety & depression. I've tried changing my diet, reducing wheat and dairy which did help ,I've also tried various supplements and I think they have had some benefit but when I had a bad fall 8 weeks ago the pain came back. I think I've been kidding myself! Fibromyalgia isn't just about the pain it's also a lot to do with mood and sleep. When I didn't have all 3 I though I was better but no, I've been deluded! I thought there must be an alternative to being on meds but I think I can now firmly say No there isn't in the long term despite all the articles you can read on the internet.

I've spent a small fortune on supplements in the last 20 months but the truth is Fibro can't be cured only managed and you have to listen to your own body because it affects everyone differently. So on reflection although I had no pain for 11 months my mood was dreadful, I was depressed and anxious and I slept badly. I actually feel like I haven't been myself for a long time. The lack of sleep probably meant that I was vunerable to something like the fall setting me back. If you can get a good nights sleep it makes all the difference.

So looks like I'm going to start on 10mgs of Imipramine the catalyst being the lack of sleep. I can't rely on sleeping pills any longer because I need a good sleep every night not just twice a week.. It's ironic that I'm probably going to be going back to shift work in the new year whilst all the time I've not been on meds I've just been doing a boring sedentary job. Well suppose I'm going to need my sleep, hope I get thru my Occupational health medical and being on Imipramine doesn't put a spanner in the works. Anyone else come to the same conclusion as me? Nwg x

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Oh my goodness nwg, your post made me gasp!

I only joined here yesterday after a massive relapse and I could have written your comments myself!

I too was 'over it' and although my health is always well below par over last 6 months, I've been chugging along, running my own home based business and feeling in control. Out of the blue I've had a relapse and after 9 months of no imipramine I've had to go back on ( just a low dose but it does help sleep).

Just keep strong( I'm telling myself that too!) I'm hoping to get out of bed for Christmas:) I keep getting up & then flopping back in, luckily I can paint from my bed!

Take care:)



Yeah it's a bit of a blow isn't it!? Can you tell me about Imipramine, how long were you on it before and what kind of side effects did you have, any weight gain? I think my GP thinks it may help me with anxiety more than amitriptyline did. I have yet to start the packet I'm needing some courage to go down the meds road again I guess. x


I was the same, I start to pick up immediately after taking imipramine , which I think is unusual as it's not supposed to kick in for a couple of months. I take 2x10 mg just before bed and that seems to be ok. As soon as I feel on top of things, I stop taking it.

Dry mouth on waking but small price to pay for sleep, less spasm & pain:)


I think I'd be inclined to stop it once I felt better too. However, do you have to wean yourself off it when you stop? I had a nightmare experience trying to come off amitriptyline which is partly why I'm so reluctant to go down this meds road again. Have you noticed if it helps you with mood symptoms as well as sleep and pain?

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Hi Newaysgirl , yes it helped amazingly ESP with sleep & muscle pain/twitching. I hate taking meds so as soon as felt a bit better mood wise, I stopped. No weaning, they're not addictive & my GP said they can work on an as and when needed basis which suits me:)

Hope you're ok today x


Mmmmm that sounds a bit more like it! as & when sounds better than taking something all the time that you then have difficulty coming off, I may be tempted to take my first one tonight then. Maybe I just need a few good nights sleep and the aches will fade away as pain isn't my main symptom, depression is but sounds like it helped with your mood issues too. Thanks so much x


Yes I'm same pain wise, although at mo my muscles are burning especially calves & lower arms.

I haven't been this poorly in ages hopefully with bed rest I'll start picking up but I'm going to be laid up over Christmas :)

No one knows I suffer from depression cos I mask it but it's not easy is it?

I've just started on imipramine again just til I'm over this patch, then I'll stop!

Had trapped nerves in neck last month due to work & GP prescribed naproxen, it took me 2 weeks to pluck up the courage to take it but it was amazing when I gave in and took it!

Good luck with imipramine ( I think you're only on low dose like me so you'll be fine!)

Take care



Hey that's such a coincidence! I too have had sore neck and shoulder but mine is due to slipping in heavy rain. I went right up in the air and landed on my bum but my left elbow took a lot of the impact which has given me a lot of shoulder and neck pain which has flared me up after the 11 months of no pain at all. Yeah I'm only on 10mgs a night. I took my first tablet last night but it didn't make any difference I still tossed and turned but I see it takes 2 weeks to work so will wait and see how I get on I suppose. Thanks for your input, hope you feel better by cmas day and it goes better than you think it will. Nwg x


Hi again!

Well I take 20mg and I have read that the starting dose should be 80 so we are hardly on much at all! It does help me though:)

Looking back, I should've seen this relapse coming cos I was hardly sleeping then working all day( I love what I do so it doesn't seem like work lol) I started to get snappy & easily upset then crash!

I too have anxiety & depression more than physical usually but my muscles really hurt at mo & tinnitus really bad moan moan bloody moan ha ha sorry!!!


Hey no problem moan away this is such a great place to get it all off your chest. I had no where to go with it all before I found Healthunlocked cos folk just don't understand. I've been easily upset for years & I think too much! Generally am not my true bubbly self anymore. I hope 10mgs does the trick. I'm hoping to rise above it over cmas but it may be difficult in a crowd when everyone expects you to join in stuff. Sometimes in crowds I end up crying cos it feels like I'm watching everyone thru a glass screen I'm there but I'm not if you know what I mean? I end up crying because I feel I shouldn't be feeling like this then that gets me the attention I don't want. I hate when folk come over and want to help cos no one can its just the way I am, more so the older I get I think. I just wish I was as carefree and uncomplicated as I was when I was 10 lol.

Most folk on here tend to talk more about the pain of fibro rather than the depression so its refreshing to find someone more like me.Take care x


Hi Newy,

Aw I know just what you mean! I used to be such fun! ( at least I think I was) and still can be but most days I feel quite numb emotionally, very emotional at the moment and generally exhausted! I think that's the thing you know, it's the exhaustion that brings on the depression...

I get sick of not being able to plan, I've had to cancel so many breaks that I don't book hols any

More, if I feel up to it well take mini breaks, never abroad though, I would hate to feel the way I do at moment in a foreign country then have to travel home, you'd find me in a ball under a chair lol

Unless you've had these feelings, you can't understand can you?

I only discovered health unlocked a few days ago and I can't believe how lovely people are, like yourself :)

Keep in touch!



Will do but we are going down south for cmas - the dreaded gathering of well meaning folk wanting to 'help' yikes hope I will cope! Speak soon have a cosy cmas! Nwg x


Ah well enjoy!

Have a glass or two and relax:)



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