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Morning All

I've been living with chronic pain and depression for years and basically inhaling cocodamol and anti-depressants for as long as I can remember. I've got a new GP who is fabulous and during this recent and very severe mental health crisis has changed a lot of my head meds, referred me to a psychiatrist ( who I've seen 3 time so far) and done a lot of tests to try and discover the root of my pain. Instead of cocodamol, I now have a BuTrans patch (10mg) which only really takes the edge off my pain. I did a fair amount of housework yesterday and today I'm in a great deal of pain. A couple of friends with fibromyalgia have recommended I talk to my GP about the possibility of having it as all my tests came back normal (apart from a vit d deficiency which he has given me strong supplements for). However, I don't want him to think I'm a hypochondriac and I already take up enough of his time. I'd like to discuss this further with fibro sufferers to see how my symptoms compare, also to find out what I can do for self-care before visiting him again. Hope you're all doing well!

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Dear Mrs Darling,

Welcome along!

Your story resonates quite a few bells in my head!

" living with chronic pain and depression for years"

Exacerbation of pain after activity!!

Vit D deficiency!!!

It does sound like your new GP is at least listening.

Unfortunately the attitude within the present predominant system of medicine seems to put the cart before the horse most of the time in that:

"Your in pain because your depressed" I will not refute that ones mental health has an impact on pain and our experience of that pain.

However there is definitely much more to the fibro story that is not being currently addressed.

Is it not natural that people get depressed when they are: in pain, socially isolated and unable to function physically without having to suffer so much for the effort?

Dr's also somehow (in my opinion) seem to think that saying the word FIBRO-MY-ALGIA is somehow going to have a very negative impact on our health.

I think this strange, in that they are so eager to give diseases names and in so doing makes them feel better, even when they can't do one thing about whatever disease they just named,,, but it dose make them look more clever and in control.

They also think that by giving the disease (that they can do nothing about) a name, it gives the patient more confidence in their medical system and control over things with a general better outlook and perspective: but all this seems to reverse when the disease is FIBRO-MY-ALGIA.

Oh dear I'm rambling with my OBSERVATIONS again.

Just ask him outright, Could this be FIBRO-MY-ALGIA?

He will probably not want to commit to YES or NO but I think he then has to address the POSSIBILITY.

If you get an answer of wait and see, I would REPEAT MY QUESTION in no uncertain terms.

Could it be FIBRO-MY-ALGIA?

You are only trying to get to the bottom of what ever is going on and act in your own best interests.

I think he has to be honest and admit the possibility and if that possibility exists then you will want to see a specialist, at the moment rheumatology have been vested with the task of treating this disease.

For what it is worth I suspect that one day Endocrinology will be the department people with FIBRO-MY-ALGIA will be referred to and it will then be called Fibromyalgia.

Until that day!

Best Wishes, Ray


Many thanks for your reply Ray, I've had to take diazepam and cocodamol today on top of my BuTrans patch as I'm really suffering. I had an MRI scan a number of years ago that confirmed a degenerative disc which would explain my lower back pain but my hips, thighs and knees hurt a fair amount too. Plus an old RSI in my shoulder has flared up again. I'm middle aged now so some of my pain could be down to just ageing and general wear and tear but the pain I'm in today after housework is quite pronounced. I'm hoping the pregabalin and vit d will help relieve symptoms but I'm going to try and walk to my nearest Boots and have a chat with the pharmacist to see if they can recommend any other supplements. I've read that vit b complex can be good for your head and glucosamine beneficial for joints so am willing to try those.

Have a great Sunday!


You will do anything when in so much pain,, I think most of us have been there!

Have a we read at this post I did 6mths ago!


Thanks for that Ray, very interesting reading. I eat raw spinach in salad every day for my main meal (I've put on a fair amount of weight with these head meds) and will get some Epsom salts today from Boots. I get discount there!

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Epsom salts is not a great idea, in my opinion unless you have low stomach acids and your using it in quantity in the bath trying to get magnesium trans-dermally as an acidic stomach is needed to absorb magnesium. Read the post again, I probably could have worded it better but my mind is not as organised as it once was!

I like Magnesium Citrate powder from an online auction,, not expensive and much better than the capsules,, not much taste of it either and not as inclined to give you the trots.

You can take a little epsom salts orally, dissolved in warm water but it might get the bowel going a bit to actively.

Epsom salts will however do until you get a better source just don't over do it!

Perhaps a between the thumb and finger pinch in a glass of water every hour or so until you get some relief without upsetting your stomach and having to constantly run to the bathroom. Slowly nice and easy dose it.

Glad to hear about the raw foods!


I'm going to try them in the bath first and see how I get on. I've just been out and bought some vit b complex, glucosamine and magnesium/calcium supplements. I broke my ankle the year before last and it took 7 months before the bone started forming on the fracture so I guess I'm low on calcium too. Mind you, I was drinking then too which I know slows down bone formation and general healing process but I've knocked that on the head.

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Big interaction between Magnesium Calcium and Vit D they are all dependant on each other!

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It's odd how when some doctors don't know what is wrong they think it's in your head. You can request from this site to get information about fibromyalgia sent to your doctor and to yourself. Just ask one of our great administrator how to get it done. Fibromyalgia is one of those illnesses that are hard to diagnose. It's worth checking out though. Good luck.


Thanks Regno, I'll get my friend to print off some info for me.

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks Ken for your kind words.


Morning, Mrs Darling. I have ME which is sometimes thought similar to Fibromyalgia. If you want a diagnosis, you could ask your GP to refer you to the CFS/ME service (NHS) based in Haywards Heath. Although this isnt Fibro, there is a self management course that deals with some key issues. This course is fabulous! Also, they would be able to tell the difference between Fibro and ME and they may be able to point at a diagnosis.

I qualified as a hypnotherapist because of my professional interests, and do self hypnosis to help myself, and I find that this works extremely well for me.

Although you mention that you dont want to be a problem for your GP, if it isnt right for you, you may benefit from going back again.

Have you thought of things like massage, homeopathy and that kind of thing?

Do you do any exercise at all? It's good to get out if you can, as a little bit of natural light might help with low moods, and can get you the best brand of Vit D on offer!

Whatever you are doing, take good care of yourself and I hope that you get your answer soon. I know it helped me to get a diagnosis, as then I knew what I was dealing with.

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Thanks for your reply Fizzieha. Since my increase in Pregabalin I'm feeling less anxious about getting out of the house, in fact I'm now sitting outside a cafe having a coffee- which would have been impossible on my own last week. I'm trying to walk a bit each day, even though this results in pain. I'm also going to try swimming soon once I've worked up the courage! I've booked myself a massage for this Friday as I've found a place that offerscomplementary therapies for people on low income. I've tried hypnotherapy before and it just doesn't work on me and I wasted £250 on the course! Owing. To my depression I often lack motivation to exercise and I think I try to run before I can walk resulting in sacking off whatever I'm trying to do.

I've got an appointment with an occupational therapist tomorrow so I'll see if they can offer me anything. I'm also seeing my GP again in 3 weeks so I'll talk to him more about my symptoms.

Thanks again for your advice and kindness.



I can only speak for what helps manage my symptoms.

I too have degenerative back problems, Fibro and osteoarthritis. I am fortunate to have a great GP.

I was referred to a Rheumotologist and she diagnosed Fibro after her assessment. I had been on Gabapentin before as my GP explained that it may help and the Rheumotologist would probably prescribe it anyway. She was right on both counts.

I have the bupranorphine patches and they do help but only to a certain degree. The Gabapentin does help more now that the dose has been increased. In my mind, there must be a two pronged attack on the pain - a good painkiller to deal with the actual source of it and then another medication to deal with the amplification effects of Fibro.

I hope that this makes sense and is of use to you.

Best regards,


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