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What am I experiencing? It's horrible!

I woke up this morning and from the waist down, it feels like I have been hit by a bus! My legs are in agony, I'm struggling to walk, stand up or sit down! I didn't do anything yesterday for this to have happened, so what's going on? I've never experienced pain like it and I've had Fibro for a year! I've taken 8 paracetamol (codeine based) 2 tramadol's and 1 amitriptyline, but they have done NOTHING?! I feel the same, if not worse than what I did when I woke up, because being in this much pain has worn me out completely, once I got back from my driving lesson, I have done nothing but sleep! I've seen a few people write about a flare, but I'm not sure what one is, or whether I've had it (yet!) Is this what it could be? I feel like I'm in my 70's, not like a normal 18 year old should feel! :(

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It sounds as though you're having a flare, Emma, and the best thing to do is to rest until it passes. You won't do yourself any good by overdosing on pain killers, in fact if you've already taken eight paracetamol, you shouldn't take any more for at least twenty four hours as you may damage your liver!

You do learn to live with fibro after a while, but for someone as young as yourself it must be very frustrating, so you have my sympathy, but rest is the only thing that will get you through a flare.

If your present pain relief isn't helping you will need to see your GP asap to arrange something different - there are plenty of options.

In the mean time, try a hot bath, plenty to drink and feet up with a pile of good books or whatever relaxes you.

Have you looked at the FibroAction site? Lots of helpful hints for you to try!

Hope you feel better soon ... Love Moffy xxx


Hiya, Moffy, Oh dear, just what I needed! Lol.. Oh, honestly don't worry, the recommended amount you're supposed to take is 1 or 2, 4 times a day, so I've taken the most you can take, I would never go over! I rarely take tramadol unless I feel I have to, which yesterday I did, and as for the amitriptyline, I'm supposed to take one at night before I go to bed, so it's all good, I would never go over what I'm supposed to take :) The tablets usually do work, but as for yesterday and today, they don't seem to be doing much at all! I'm a bit better today, still in a lot of pain, but not as much as I was yesterday!

I'll try my best to relax, but it's a bit difficult to when I care for my mum! But she know's how I feel as she also has Fibro, so we take care of each other haha.

Thank you for your kind words and support, it really does help :) I will have a look at the website now!

I hope you're well. Emma xx


Hi Emma

Just checking, those paracetamol were over 24 hours, with at least 4 hours between each 2 tablets, right? If not, please call NHS Direct now.

Yes, this could be a flare as a flare is an increase in symptoms above what is normal for you. This blog might help:



Hi again, Emma - I'm relieved that you didn't take more paracetamol than you should - phew!

Have you tried taking two paracetamol together with 50 - 100mgm of Tramadol?

They seem to work very well together, and I don't know how i would manage without this combination.

That is OK up to four times daily, but I rarely need more than two doses daily.

Just a thought - it might work for you too!

Love Moffy x


Gosh Emma, you are giving us heart palpitations here! As Linz said you didn't take all 8 at once did you??

If no phew, if yes then you must contact your GP or NHS direct.

I am so sorry you are having such a bad flare. It can make you so anxious and tired just trying to get comfy and fretting about why. You did well if you had a driving lesson too. I expect you were tense there too which may not have help.

Take care my love.

Love and hugs Karen x


Hi Emma,

I was wondering if you are having muscle spasms in your legs, do they feel hard?

If so I have had this often and I feel as if my legs are being pulled off!

My GP prescribed Diazepam as a muscle relaxant, it really helps, although it is addictive, so I only use it when I have to.

I have back problems, but I also have possible fibro aonngst other problems.

I hope this is helpful



Emma just checking how you are, please let us know that you are hopefully feeling a bit better by the time you read this message.

Take care my dear.

(((hug))) xxx



Aww its lovely to see everyone cares :) my doctor had a stern look on her face when she asked if i had taken more than 8 paras in one day - it was over the course of a very long day. I usually take 1000mg of naproxen a day as well, i didnt think they were doing much until i stopped taking them and wow do they make a diffrence - i am still in pain all the time when i take them they just kind of take the edge off - maybe suggest to your GP about an anti inflammatory - When i have a flare up i am usually out for the count for days its awful and just like you i feel 100 but when i am only 22 TODAY (happy birthday to me) thankfully i am able to walk this year :D. hope you are feeling better and that your flare ups are few and far between. Being Fibrolicious (bootylicious but with fibro) xxxx


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